Prints, KH3 and Lady Scorpio

We’re 13 days away from one of my favorite holidays: Christmas! This time last year, I made every 5FF post holiday themed. This year has just not worked out that way, but I will be better prepared next year! Let’s just focus on a few of my favorite things this week… MCFT posts are usually 4 or 5 things that I’m loving currently! Here’s 4 things I am loving right now!

No Such Thing as Nothing prints


I spotted these prints in a room online and wouldn’t you know that the original poster said where they got ’em?! They are gorgeous and the artist has many other prints that are just as cool. You can grab this one right here.


So in love with this opposing print too. You can get it here!

The Newest KH3 Trailer

I really enjoyed the first official trailer featuring the song “Don’t Think Twice,” but “Face My Fears” gave me those chill bumps just like the first opening to KH1 did. The song is amazing on its own, but paired with the amazing Kingdom Hearts trailer, it really gets my heart going!

Lady Scorpio


Alright, so I couldn’t pick just one thing from this amazing site. I had actually pinned dozens of items from Lady Scorpio before realizing it was a real shop! There are some truly beautiful pieces here like this Tropic Paradise Mandala Tapestry or this All Seeing Eye Wall Hanging Decor or even this Celestial Sun and Moon Wall Hanging Decor!

What are your favorite things this week? Let me know in the comments!


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