5 Freaky Faves: Scary Shows

For the month of October, I am pulling away from my regular 5 Fandom Friday and Saturday Suggestion posts. Every Friday for the month of October I will be presenting my 5 Freaky Faves in honor of Halloween! This week’s 5 Freaky Faves are my favorite binge-worthy scary TV shows!

The Haunting of Hill House


By far my favorite show on Netflix this month has been The Haunting of Hill House. It’s moody, full of horror aesthetic, and beautiful cinematography that takes you between the past and present. It’s been years since I have been this frightened of a TV show. My husband and I just love it. We binged the first five episodes on our one year anniversary on a whim, and we don’t regret a single minute of it. Even when we had to turn every light on in the house just to get into bed after an episode…

Bates Motel


Bates Motel takes it’s creepy cues from the movie it was based on and spins a modern prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho tale. Freddie Highmore is in one of his best roles as Norman Bates with Vera Farmiga as his mother Norma. The two have mad chemistry in this chilling psychological horror Netflix drama.

American Horror Story


You knew American Horror Story would make this list. If you haven’t watching any of the seasons already, this is the time to do it! The first season, affectionately called Murder House by fans, would be a great start to your Halloween week. Try it; you may find yourself binging up to the latest season Netflix has to offer.

Scream: The TV Series


As a fan of campy horror, I was excited to give this Scream TV series a shot and I have zero regrets. It’s full of that campy horror nostalgia while still being set in present day. While still very much a slasher horror series, the stories are great for those that miss those good old slasher flick days. With two seasons up on Netflix, Scream is perfect to binge this spooky holiday season.

Black Mirror


Another favorite scary show of mine is Black Mirror. Unfortunately, I find it hard to binge because it leaves me so emotionally drained at the end of most episodes. Haunting and scary may not be what some people would use to describe Black Mirror, but that’s exactly what it is. Incredible stories that last for a single episode will enthrall you, make your heart race, fill your eyes with tears, and leave your knuckles white as you hang on for the wild ride called Black Mirror on Netflix.

What binge-worthy scary TV shows do you like to watch during the month of October? Tell me in the comments!


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19 thoughts on “5 Freaky Faves: Scary Shows

  1. I can safely say that The Haunting of Hill House has overtaken Stranger Things to become my new favorite Netflix original series. I really think it’s set a new bar for what I’ll be looking for in future horror shows and movies.

    We started the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina this weekend and are saving the last 3 episodes for Halloween night! 💀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree. I love horror and Hill House ticked so many of my boxes. If you are on reddit, there are some back stories on r/nosleep that answer some questions (like the dogs). Highly recommend reading those if your curious about more things Hill House. Also, I just started Sabrina (on episode 5), and I should have added it! It’s so so so good!


  2. Ooooh I do love Black Mirror. Watching it is exhausting but worth it almost every time. I was a big fan of the survival horror episode, but a favourite would be the dating episode. There are very few that are misses to my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I gotta agree. I really couldn’t finish a few of them, but I feel like each season brings something new to the table for a potential fan. Like I love Coven, and others have told me they find it too campy so their favorite season might be Asylum or Freak Show.


  3. Haunting of Hill House was brilliant! Easily my new October go-to. Because I couldn’t rewatch the whole series in one day I watched Oculus, same director.

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