Anime Challenge Day 29: What anime scared the crap out of you?

You all know how much I enjoy horror so I’ve been looking forward to answering this question all month. When I was recommended this anime, I basically knew nothing about it other than my friends were absolutely raving about it. When I finally sat down to watch Attack on Titan, I could barely get past the first episode…


Humans now live in fear of giant humanoid monsters called titans. Titans have nearly drove humanity into extinction because of their love of eating human flesh. For future humans to survive, giant impenetrable walls were built around their city to keep the titans out. The peace of 100 years inside the walls end when a colossal titan attacks the city, breaking the outermost wall, re-igniting the fear the humans have for the titans and their fight for survival.

We meet Eren Yeager who has suffered an incredible personal loss to the titans. He has vowed to eradicate them all and joins the Survey Corps, an elite military group that fights titans outside the walls of the city. He is joined by his adopted sister and best friend as they try to find a way to defeat the titans before they breach the last wall of the city.

I have never watched an anime that literally gave me nightmares before. Attack on Titan succeeded where other horror anime failed. In fact, I found it incredibly hard to keep watching after the first episode. I even quit watching after episode 5 for awhile until my husband talked me into continuing.


The character deaths are haunting and incredibly disturbing. No character is safe from the titans. The appearance of the titans is also so freaky. There were a few times I laughed at how comical they looked until they reminded me how truly frightening they were when they would bite a character in two. Needles to say, I’ve only finished the first season. I haven’t had the guts to finish the second and third seasons.

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What anime scared the crap out of you? Tell me in the comments!


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