Anime Challenge Day 28: What anime has has your favorite scene?

Do you ever have that one scene that sticks with you? Maybe you reference if with your friends or you show that scene when you introduce a new person to your favorite anime. With YouTube. Or maybe it just made you laugh or cry the hardest. While I love a good cry while I’m watching anime, I definitely prefer laughing until I cry, and Mayo Chiki delivered.

mayo chiki.jpg

Kinjirou Sakamachi doesn’t exactly have a normal home life. His mother and sister are big wrestling fans, and poor Kinjirou ends up as their punching bag on a daily basis. Because of this, his body is pretty used to his sister’s morning wrestling antics and can take a great amount of punches, kicks, and even getting hit by a car. Unfortunately for Kinjirou, he also has a fear of women now. One touch from a girl can cause a nose bleed or even for him to faint.

A chance encounter with the most popular boy at school may rid him of his phobia once and for all…

While in the bathroom at school, Kinjirou discovers the most popular boy, Subaru Konoe, is a girl! Subaru is also the butler to the headmaster’s daughter, Kanade Suzutsuki. Upon discovering Kinjirou in a heap on the bathroom floor after a thrashing from Subaru, Kanade promises to help rid Kinjirou of his phobia in exchange for his silence.

While this anime is full of fan service and harem behavior, it’s also really hilarious. It’s one of the funniest anime I’ve ever watched. And it has romance which gets points in my book. It may not be full of life lessons, but it is great for a good laugh. Below I’m linking a funny moments montage from YouTube. Kinjirou’s friend accusing him of not liking girls is my favorite scene!

Feel free to rewind the video to get your first taste of Kinjirou’s home life! And finish watching if you want! If you’re looking for a funny anime with lots of fan service, Mayo Chiki needs to be added to your watch list! Just seeing these funny moments make me want to rewatch it!

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What anime has has your favorite scene? Tell me in the comments!


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