Anime Challenge Day 27: What anime character are you most like?

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know I did a blog post on 5 Characters I Most Identify With, which included a few anime characters. Rather than feeling like a cheat and using one of those I decided to really dig deep and look at myself and some of my favorite anime to come up with a real answer. In all honesty, I’m most like Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire.

moka akashiya.jpg

Now in a way, this answer could be cheating by using two characters: inner and outer Moka. I feel that they’re two sides of one coin though without giving away any spoilers if you’ve already finished the series. While it seems Moka has quite the split personality when her rosary is removed, both personalities care extremely for their friends and loved ones, especially Tsukune.

Outer Moka is what I’m usually like on a day to day basis. I’m cheerful though not nearly as positive as Outer Moka but still very happy in general. She excels at academics which I did too while in school, finishing a 6 year college degree program in 3 and a half years as Salutatorian. Outer Moka is kind but still very naive much like myself. Like Moka, I am also distrustful of people after being bullied at a young age.

Inner Moka is the opposite of Outer Moka in several ways, but I still possess a lot of her traits, too. She can be prideful of which I am guilty of. She can be pretty cold and reserved towards others even if she cares for them. I find that I also have a hard time with affection and have been perceived as reserved and cold too. She’s also obsessed with martial arts. Even though I quit martial arts a few years ago, I did really enjoy it and may take it up again at some point. As we get to know Inner Moka in the anime, we come to find she and Outer Moka have quite a lot in common.


It’s probably strange that I picked a character with two vastly different personalities but I’ve always felt like there’s more than one side to me, and Moka Akashiya fits that so well. She has a happy and bubbly side and a cold and reserved side. Depending on how well you know me, you’ll know there’s always one with the other. Just ask my husband! Hahaha!

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What anime character are you most like? Tell me in the comments!


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