Anime Challenge Day 26: Who is your favorite anime villain?

Another HARD question. Man, what was I thinking when I made these questions? I just didn’t realize how many favorites I have! So when I think of villains, I don’t just think of those that are straight up evil (looking at you Naraku from InuYasha) or straight up annoying (you can see that post here). Instead I picked a villain that may not be a villain at all… Hell Girl.


Hell Girl will ferry your enemy straight to hell… for a price.

Ai Enma (Hell Girl) doesn’t pass judgement. She simply exacts your revenge for you. Simply go to Hell Correspondence, a website that is only accessible at midnight, then type in the name of the person you want dragged to hell. Ai Enma takes care of it for you. She only asks for one thing: you must condemn yourself to an afterlife in hell after she’s carried out the deed.

Hell Girl the anime is very episodic, and that may be a turn off to many anime watchers. But not me! Hell Girl is definitely in the horror genre, and the art is amazing even if you find the story lacking. I personally don’t find the story boring at all. In fact, I find that Ai Enma (Hell Girl) is an amazing villain… or hero? It all depends on who you ask.

The tortured and the depressed turn to Hell Girl for help, but knowing they too would spend their afterlife in hell is enough for them to re-think typing their torturer’s name in that little box on Hell Correspondence. Until it all becomes too much and the beaten down individual gives in to Hell Girl’s price. And what a price to pay to see your enemy banished to hell forever.


Hell Girl is most certainly seen as a villain to those she drags to hell. But is she really a hero to those who have sought out her help? Those people have seen Hell Girl as their only choice during a life of abuse, and they must pay for this choice by spending their afterlife in hell. Is Ai Enma charging too high of a price? Or are the tortured getting their own “just desserts” for sending someone else to hell?

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Who is your favorite anime villain? Tell me in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 26: Who is your favorite anime villain?

  1. For this one I would go with Griffith aka Femto from Berserk, and it’s because despite how monstrous his actions are, he’s somewhat relatable and you follow his story from humanity to inhumanity and witness every decision in between, some of them for his own agenda and manipulating those around him and others out of loyalty for those who follow him. But when he turns, he does so with finality and everything that relates to him is world shattering.

    As always, if I could pick another one, it would be Char Aznable from the original Gundam series, because he’s both a central antagonist to the story and also working behind the scenes against the other main villains, yet he’s clearly not a good guy. And in his long story over the course of the different series and movies he’s in, you see both an evolution and humanisation in him and then a complete fall into despair and nihilism. It’s profound stuff.

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    1. Relatable villains are the best kind of villains honestly. And seeing their fall into villainy is even better. My brother loves Berserk but I haven’t had a chance to look into it.

      Based from your comments this month, I really think the Gundam series is your favorite anime haha! Thanks for taking the time to comment and participate. 🙂

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      1. Berserk is very dark, but it’s quite amazing. I would recommend the manga more than the animated versions.

        Actually my all time favourite anime is Slayers.

        But Gundam has so many series, so many alternate universes with a myriad of characters and dozens of points of view into the reasons for war. What makes it great is that it’s not simply “evil alien invade us,” but instead it’s human conflicts and each series explores the political, economic and social causes for the latest conflict.

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  2. I’m going to stick with Makashima from Psycho Pass on this one. He was really fantastic to watch and while I still disagree with his overall objective, there was a lot about him that was relatable (plus he liked books – can’t dislike that).

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  3. For me it’s Kira from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4. His twisted nature combined with his desire to live his life free from hassle make him a relatable but very disturbing villain. The fact that he’s at his most dangerous when backed into a corner make his scenes very intense to watch. Most importantly though, he’s a snazzy dresser.

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  4. My choice would be Kira from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4. Not only is he a deadly villain, but his character is a fantastic one.

    He’s a person who has an itch that needs to be scratched every so often. That scratch deeply affects people but he only does it when he gets that urge, like an addiction. Or if he’s backed into a corner. Which is when he’s at his most desperate and dangerous.

    The fact that even though he has this urge, all he wants to do is be left alone to live his life in peace. I find that very relatable but also his need to kill makes him a complex. Whenever he’s on screen he’s a joy to watch and the most interesting character on Jojo anime so far. Plus, he’s a snazzy dresser.

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