Anime Challenge Day 22: What anime has the saddest death scene?

Major spoilers ahead! Literally spoilers all in this post past the image… So I watch a lot of sad, tear-inducing anime. I love bittersweet stories and having a good cry into my popcorn bowl. I mean, who doesn’t? The saddest death scene I’ve ever watched was in Sword Art Online: Mother Rosario. If you’ve seen that season of SAO, you know exactly what’s about to happen.


I love Mother Rosario. Not only does it give Asuna the spotlight, but the story is top notch. Asuna finds out there is a super bad ass player who is offering an original 11-hit sword skill to the player who beats them. Kirito even failed to beat this player. Feeling curious, Asuna sets out to challenge this player who turns out to be Yuuki, a cute purple haired girl who is a part of the Sleeping Knights guild.

Even though Asuna fights hard enough to make Yuuki use her special sword skill, Asuna still fails to beat Yuuki. Much to Asuna’s surprise, Yuuki invites her to meet her guild. Yuuki believes Asuna is as strong as her and can fill their last remaining guild slot to take on the next floor boss to have their names etched on the Monument of Swordsmen, in order to leave a memory of their existence in the world.

The Sleeping Knights are made up of people who have serious illnesses. As one of thew founders of the guild, Yuuki decided they would only invite those who were similar to keep from burdening other players with their health issues and eventual deaths. With three deaths and two members facing months to live, they decide to take on this last boss to have their names on the Monument of Swordsmen before disbanding.


If you’ve made it this far… here comes the biggest spoiler if you haven’t already guessed it. Yuuki’s death scene absolutely tore my heart out. I was snot crying all over my pillow and holding Padme. My husband even shed some tears with me. This was one of the most emotional deaths I have ever experienced. Seeing Yuuki briefly in the SAO movie filled my heart. It was an amazing moment to see her at Asuna’s side again.

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What anime has the saddest death scene? Tell me in the comments! Keep spoilers to a minimum if possible!


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8 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 22: What anime has the saddest death scene?

  1. Oh so many

    Kaori in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (aka Your Lie in April). The entire series leads up to it and it’s told through a beautiful piano recital that will have you weeping before the end of the scene.

    From the very moment you meet her, full of life and a kickass attitude towards life, she’s fighting a condition that will ultimately kill her and to the series’ credit, they make you forget about that fact, focusing on the character stories, their growth and relationships just enough for her degrading condition to hit you the hardest.

    I think her death is one of the saddest yet most beautifully told scenes in recent years for me. And your article does force me to pick just one hahaha.

    If I could add a 2nd it would be Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00’s first season.

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    1. I watched Your Lie in April after Plastic Memories and I just fell in love with everything about it. A Saturday Suggestion post on it has been sitting in my queue forever. It’s one of the best bitter sweet anime I’ve enjoyed. Totally agree with you.

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