Anime Challenge Day 18: What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?

I briefly mentioned this anime as the last one I “finished” before watching One Punch Man. To be honest, I missed the last Anime Night at my friend’s house and still haven’t seen the last two episodes. Regardless, this anime still fits today’s question. That weird anime is Made in Abyss.


We meet Riko, a Red Whistle, who aspires to dive into the Abyss, a chasm full of creatures and ancient relics long since lost. She meets a robot who looks like a young boy. He has lost his memory so Riko bestows the name Reg upon him. Together they decide to go deep into the Abyss to search for Riko’s mother, a legendary White Whistle who has been missing, and to find out who or what Reg was before he came to the upper layer of the Abyss where Riko found him.

The Abyss is absolutely terrifying with weird and haunting creatures that threaten Riko’s very life as she and Reg plunge down further into the Abyss’s depths. The lower they go, the more Riko’s life is in danger. With it’s fantastical and fearsome monsters that lie in waiting in the depths of the Abyss, will Riko and Reg make it to the bottom?

Speaking of fantastical creatures, the monsters in this anime are imaginative as well as graphically pleasing/terrifying. They’re so unique. Almost as unique as the setting of this beautiful anime. The artwork is on a plane of existence by itself. The backgrounds and settings are truly, truly works of art. The characters themselves can be called art as well. They are lovingly crafted and have amazing chemistry with each other and their environment.


I could honestly compare the artwork and animation to Studio Ghibli. It’s that good. I felt connected to the characters, and that is always a plus in my book. The music also complemented everything in this anime. The Japanese voice actors were amazing. And you know what’s even better? This anime is on Amazon Prime! Yes! If you have Amazon prime, you really need to check out Made in Abyss.

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What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed? Tell me in the comments!


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12 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 18: What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?

  1. This question was the hardest one so far! I’ll have to check this anime out though. The artwork is very adorable. You mentioned it is terrifying though so I’m unsure, Haha.

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  2. This definitely sounds like something I would enjoy! And that art is so whismical, I love it.

    I think the weirdest anime I’ve ever watched was called Silver Spoon. It’s about a young man who goes to an agricultural school in order to get out from under his overbearing father. It’s very “slice of life” but in a setting I hadn’t seen before in anime.

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