Anime Challenge Day 16: What is the last anime you watched?

This answer has changed a couple of times for me this month as I tried a new anime recommendation and completely binged the first two seasons. This next one I watched two episodes of at a friend’s house then picked it back up after finishing Food Wars. It’s one of my husband’s favorites: One Punch Man.


Say I Love You has its own Saturday Suggestion post that you can see here.

Mei Tachibana is a plain, socially awkward schoolgirl whose idea of friendship was changed forever after being bullied by her so-called friends. To save herself the pain and heartache from this ever happening again, Mei vows to never make friends again. That is until Yamato Kurosawa—one of the most popular boys in high school. Now Mei can’t help but question her choices.

Yamato makes the effort time and time again to be her friend, even freely giving her his number. As their relationship slowly develops, and is marked with an unexpected kiss, Mei is finding it very hard to express her true feelings towards Yamato. Sukitte Ii na yo. follows their developing relationship, as well as their frequent disagreements, to portray how difficult it can really be to say “I love you.”

While there’s plenty of “better” romance anime series out there, I really connected with the two main characters. They feel real. Falling in love has never been more accurately portrayed in such a beautiful way. Alec and I could easily remember back to when we felt and did those same things too.


Say I Love You tugged at our heartstrings while simultaneously frustrating us. It can be transparent and easy to guess. It has a simple plot and quite a stereotypical cast of characters. This anime still stands apart thought with wonderfully done art, light music, and the right amount of romance. If you’re looking for a sweet, classic school love and (a little) tearful romance, “Say I Love You” could easily become your favorite romance anime.

Want to see more of the 30 Day Anime Challenge? Want to try the challenge yourself? Read this post here!

What is your favorite romance anime? Tell me in the comments!


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