Anime Challenge Day 11: Who is your favorite female anime character?

I have so many favorite female characters but one has definitely stood out from the rest. I’ve cosplayed her. She’s gotten her own character playlist. I identify with her in so many emotional and mental ways. If you haven’t guess her name yet… you must not read my blog often! Her name is Asuna Yuuki.


An excerpt from my post 5FF: Fictional Characters You Most Identify With:

While coming across as strong and fierce later in SAO, Asuna had some mental health issues that led her to falling in love with Kirito who helped her straighten herself out. When SAO became in-real-life dangerous, she didn’t care much whether or not she died. Kirito became her lifeline and she took his words to heart, much like I do with my husband. She’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands and is very independent, like me.

The more I watch Sword Art Online, the more I identify with Asuna. My husband and I just finished Ordinal Scale, and my heart was filled with happiness watching Asuna again. She’s no damsel in distress though she keeps getting the choice to be. Over and over again she chooses to fight. It inspires me on my worst of days to keep fighting.

And obviously her immense love and care for Kirito makes me think of my love for my husband. We would do anything for each other. When we watch SAO together, we always share a look when there’s something loving happening between Asuna and Kirito. Their relationship struck such a chord with us that we even cosplayed them together for our first cosplays! Hopefully we can do it again soon with better stuff.

Photo by A Geeky Gal

While there’s so many reasons to have a favorite female character, Asuna Yuuki is my favorite because of how closely I identify with her. She’s strong, she loves Kirito, and she’s a fighter.

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Who is your favorite female anime character? Tell me in the comments!


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