Anime Challenge Day 10: What anime destroyed you emotionally?

Where do I begin? There’s been so many! I love bittersweet anime. It’s definitely one of my favorite genre. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so it never takes much an anime to get to me. Give me all the feels and give me all the tears. There’s one anime that really brought on the feels and tears for me: Plastic Memories.


I wrote a Saturday Suggestion post on Plastic Memories last January:

Enter a future world where humanoid robots called Giftia have memories, human tendencies, and emotions. Special task forces are meant to retrieve them before their lifespan of 9 years and 4 months is over. Once a Giftia’s life expires, they lose their memories and become violent, losing their “human-like” levels of strength and speed, rendering them almost impossible to stop.

Our main characters are paired as Marksman (Giftia) and Spotter (human) in a small task force to recover these expiring Giftia. Tsukasa is an 18-year-old human boy who had no idea what kind of job he was taking on after his interview. He is paired with Isla, a veteran Giftia. Together, they must recover Giftias whose lives are about to expire before they lose their memories. There’s a problem though… Tsukasa has fallen for Isla, but how much time does Isla have left with her lifespan steadily ticking away?

Plastic memories is a beautiful slice of life anime that centers around a humanoid robot with emotions and feelings, much like Chobits. The short series centers around the two main characters Tsukasa and Isla. I felt so much sympathy and empathy for them both during the anime. It didn’t take me long to start rooting for the two of them.


The main draw for me was how closely this anime resembled Chobits while still being original. I love the mix of Sci-Fi and bittersweet romance. This short anime is simply a masterpiece that broke my heart and destroyed my emotions. You need to get your ticket for Plastic Memories and get aboard the feels trip you didn’t know you needed.

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What anime destroyed you emotionally? Tell me in the comments!


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5 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 10: What anime destroyed you emotionally?

  1. This one’s already on my watchlist! It sounds a little bit like the relationship between Willem and Chtholly from WorldEnd which was really sad to watch. I like to watch an emotional anime every now and then though.

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  2. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso aka Your Lie in April left me a mess. Beautiful story with amazing characters and an ending that just kicks you in the gut.Then again, it doesn’t take that much for me to shed a tear, any moderately good tender or sad moment can do that!

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