Anime Challenge Day 9: What anime series will you never watch?

There’s several anime that could actually go here unfortunately. I’m a little picky about what I watch to be honest. I figured I’d pick a pretty popular anime that I tried to watch and never got into. It took a couple handful of episodes before I gave up. Maybe I should have given it an whole season, but I was just not digging it. That anime is Bleach.


I tried to like Bleach. Honestly, I did. I had heard really great things about it, and it seemed interesting. In fact, it has some amazing reviews and many people like it. I somehow missed the boat on that.

The first thing I look for in anime is a connection. I have to feel connected to at least one character, and that’s really great if that turns out to be the main protagonist. I felt nothing for Ichigo or any of the others characters. No emotion and no attachment. Speaking of no emotion… While I enjoy action as much as the next person, I found the fighting in Bleach to be pretty boring. I know Ichigo is going to win. I mean the battles are really cool to watch but they’re missing quite a bit of mental and emotional aspects.

Bleach’s “world” is also pretty small from what I experienced. It got boring real fast for such an action packed anime. We had the same loop of the same things in every episode. Same fight, different enemy. Over and over again. What’s the moral of the story here? Ichigo fights and wins. That’s it.


So without a connection to the characters, boring (but cool) battles, a small anime world, and just a feeling of boredom, Bleach is not anime I plan to finish. I didn’t finish the first season, and maybe that’s on me. I just couldn’t give Bleach anymore of my time when there were other shows I found better.

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What anime series will you never watch? Do you think I should give Bleach another shot? Tell me why in the comments!


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