Anime Challenge Day 7: Who was the most annoying anime character?

I surprisingly had a hard time answering today’s question. Even with characters I find annoying, I always see their redeeming qualities. Shippo of InuYasha was annoying but sweet and provided some comedic relief. Misa from Death Note was also annoying buy also truly wasn’t mentally stable so I can’t fault her for being the way she was. This character though truly, truly grated on my last nerve.


If you’ve been a long time reader, you know how I enjoy watching Black Butler. I adore Sebastian and his relationship with Ciel. And the food. One thing I did not enjoy about the second series was Alois Trancy. Just seeing this picture of him makes my skin crawl. Ugh.

A truly sadistic, viscous, abusive, and contemptuous teenager, Alois adds nothing to Black Butler as a character. Even with his tragic past, Alois’ character had no redeeming qualities for me. After all, if you were treated so harshly, wouldn’t you treat others better? I eagerly awaited for him to be killed off in a fantastic way.

I have never encountered such an evil character that was so whiny and afraid of childish things. If it was a ploy by the writers to get me to care about him, it didn’t work one bit. He whines constantly for his demon butler Claude’s attention. While Claude’s demeanor is a bit similar to Sebastian’s, he has zero care for Alois.


Alois Trancy uses his position to abuse and torture anyone he can stick his claws into with the exception of Claude. His abuse of one of his servants, Hannah, made me physically ill. I could not wait for his story to end so I could move past how annoying and evil his character was.

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Who was the most annoying anime character? Why were they so annoying? Tell me in the comments!


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