Anime Challenge Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure anime?

This is an anime that takes me back to high school.

My best friend and I desperately needed a girls’ night. My ex and I had broken up for the millionth time, and I was feeling so low. She told me to come over and watch anime with her. We grabbed some snacks and settled into her bed to watch anime on her computer. The anime couldn’t have been more perfect. We binged the short anime in one night!


Peach Girl is all about a high school student named Momo who is judged for her tan (apparently tan = slut).  She’s in a love triangle (square?), and her best friend is out to make her life miserable. Sounds really overly dramatic right? It totally was, and it was perfect for fifteen-year-old me, and not because it was something that mirrored MTV reality shows.

While the anime itself may not be too original once you take away Momo’s tanned skin and bleached orange hair, it’s a very typical shoujo anime with some added twists. Momo is tough and confident on the outside while feeling insecure and fragile on the inside. Her best friend is secretly sabotaging her relationships and crushes. What’s a girl to do?

Many parts of this anime had me so frustrated and ready to stop watching, but other parts my holding my stomach from laughing so hard or wiping tears from my eyes. It  managed to pull me back in every time I thought I’d had enough to see the ending.


Some may find the never-ending drama, art, repeating conflicts, and annoying characters too much to actually enjoy this anime. It’s my guilty pleasure for a reason. Maybe Peach Girl isn’t the best anime or even the best romance anime, but it was a frustratingly good watch during a time I needed it.

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What is your guilty pleasure anime? Tell me in the comments!


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8 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure anime?

  1. This is the only anime one of my friends has watched.

    Mine would be Dragon Maid. Yes some things are questionable, but it’s really heartwarming.

    I expect a lot of answers to be High School DxD(High School DD) even though I haven’t watched it.

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