Anime Challenge Day 1: What was your very first anime?

Over 15 years ago, when I was a young girl, I had my first experience with anime. I loved the Powerpuff Girls so much, and a family member thought there might be another show I’d like. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to watch it on Toonami, but I fell in love with my very first episode of Sailor Moon.


I remember immediately identifying with Serena/Usagi and her love of eating and sleeping. She was so relatable unlike a lot of female heroines at the time. She cried and made mistakes (Just like me!). Watching her transformation sequences filled me with excitement because that meant she was about to kick some bad guy butt. Sometimes she doubted herself, but she always came through at the end, especially for her friends.

I never got to watch the series in order as a kid, but if I managed to catch an episode, it had my full attention. As a huge Power Ranger fan, seeing an all girl team of super heroes felt really good. I loved the colors, the girls’ outfits, and the music. I found it hilarious and fun. I actually didn’t learn to appreciate the themes until I became older.

As an adult, I could no longer remember the details of Sailor Moon and decided to re-watch the first season. Seeing all of the Sailor Scouts eventually come together filled me again with the same excitement. The Japanese version still carries all the charm I fell in love with but now I get to appreciate how Sailor Moon was originally intended. I’m excited to watch the next season.


What younger-me didn’t understand was how Sailor Moon was very much a coming-of-age story that dealt with issues with charm, humor, and heart. The show was very progressive for its time (which went right over my head during my time watching it as a kid), and I’m glad I’m old enough now to appreciate the issues the show tackled. Sailor Moon is such a wonderful, girl-power, progressive, 90’s nostalgia filled anime. It is an absolute much watch for any anime fan.

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So what was your very first video game? Tell me in the comments!


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27 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 1: What was your very first anime?

  1. Oooh ! I never watched Sailor Moon but I remember watching anime from time to time on television when I was a kid! I remember loving Dr Slump or Hamtaro!
    And my first video game was… I think a weird Asterix and Obelix game… !! xD
    Lovely post ! 😀

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  2. Sailor Moon is an anime I’ve always wanted to watch as it’s such a classic but just never got the chance. Unless I buy the Seasons (which are actually pretty expensive), it seems I’ll never get the chance. They never have any in stores either which is surprising considering how much merch is dotted around all over the place.

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      1. Crunchyroll is my go to site and there’s nothing on there. It could be something to do within my region. It’s a shame really but I’m just so shocked that nowhere sells the actual series with all this merch available.

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      2. There’s no episodes at all showing here, only the titles 😦 I’ll give those other sites a look, thanks!

        I’ve also decided to take part in the challenge 😀

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  3. Sailor Moon was my first, too! Me and my best friend at the time in high school were OBSESSED with it. We collected cards, bought the dolls, and found the soundtracks. We were so into it. I used to rush home from school every day to watch it. I *really* need to rewatch the entire thing, but I know it’s going to be quite an undertaking.

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