Blogger Collaboration: The Games That Define Us

We all have that one game that is truly a part of our identity. It’s not just any video game, it’s our video game. It’s the one that’s always on our mind when we think about nostalgia or even games in general — the one with the most memories and stories attached to it.

—  Matt @ Normal Happenings


Normal Happenings has done it again.

If you saw the last blogger collaboration, Hyrule: See the Sights! Hear the Sounds!, then you have got to get on board for the next collaboration: The Games That Define Us. Just as with the Hyrule collab, The Games That Define us will include music and imagery to match each individual and personal post.

There are currently TWO spots left! If you want in on this huge collaboration follow this link to Normal Happenings post. Matt and Nikki at Normal Happenings have made this incredibly simple and organized to keep confusion to a minimum.

Questions? Just leave a comment on the main post with any questions you have about the project! You seriously don’t want to miss out!


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