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  1. I saw this a few months ago and started my list ready to make a post with my boyfriend. Now my blog has been rebranded, we’re just awaiting a joint name and then I’ll definitely give this a go! I love writing posts like this and it was great to hear your answers!

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      1. I love Batman and can relate to Assassin’s Creed. I did really love Black Flag and Origins though. I’m looking forward to Odyssey later this year :).

        I’m working on my list now. Should be up by tomorrow :).

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      2. Good luck with that :). The only thing I hated about Origins is that it forced me out of the fun stuff by making me do the Animus things that I don’t think anyone cares for anymore. The rest of the game was really good.

        Batman Arkham Asylum is… different. The games that came after it are open world and that one is really linear. I actually really love Asylum because of that.

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  2. Love the idea! Really interesting to see how we all enjoy things differently ! 😄 And omg I miss Skyrim so so much 😢 and you should totally write that blog post! Never heard of someone playing a mage in skyrim 😂

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  3. I really love Arkham Asylum – it’s one of the rare games I’ve actually played more than once. It can get a bit mundane searching around for things, but the game play is awesome and I love all the little Easter eggs. I’m with you on Assassins Creed though. I love the idea, and I’ve picked it up to play so many times, but I get bored of it so quickly.

    Emma | https://geekytourist.com

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  4. To be honest, I’ve never played Kingdom of Hearts but back in high school I would sit and watch my brother play for hours. Haha.
    I’m a very picky gamer. While I like games from across genres and play types, I either love a game or don’t and never finish it.

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