Spoilers! Mid-Year Blog + Personal Resolutions

With half the year already behind us, I wanted to do a quick check in on my goals for the year. I’m pretty proud looking at the things that have been crossed off so far, but I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed by what’s left. My blog resolutions came pretty easy, but my personal resolutions are all still awaiting completion! I’ve got 6 months left to try to get some more resolutions crossed off. Let’s do this!

Blog Resolutions for 2018

  • Finish website changes. All website changes are in effect and complete!
  • Create a Youtube channel. (This one is in the works; stay tuned.)
  • Make pinnable images for ALL blog posts. (Ugh. Why did I make this resolution?)
  • Have 150 WordPress followers (91 currently). 194 followers!
  • Have 100 Facebook likes (68 currently). 121 likes!
  • Have 300 Instagram followers (202 currently). 300 followers!
  • Complete a 30 Day Blog Challenge. 30 Day Video Game Challenge.
  • Guest post for at least 2 bloggers. (Normal Happenings; who else wants to collab?)
  • Do a ‘Let’s Play’ for Youtube. (Been thinking about doing horror games; would love to hear some advice in the comments!)
  • Host a giveaway. (What would you guys like to see? Leave a suggestion in the comments!)

Personal Resolutions for 2018

  • Reach my goal weight. (I’m 10 pounds away from my first goal weight!)
  • Make my Pinterest closet dreams come true. (I’ve whittled my current closet down to basics but I don’t think this one will happen this year due to finances/losing weight.)
  • Read one book a month. (or 12 in a year) (HAHAHA. Ha. I’ve read 2 books so far.)
  • Finish the Library. (The room is still bare BUT it should be halfway put together by July.)
  • Design 10 branding boards for my portfolio. (6 branding boards completed! Send me an email for a quote.)
  • Create 5 game-ready 3D models for my portfolio. (So. Many. Unfinished. Models.)
  • Pay off debt (not including school loans). (Two credits cards are paid off and the last one will be paid off soon!)
  • Generate a second income. (Freelancing!)
  • Learn HTML/CSS (I’ve learned a lot but I don’t feel comfortable enough to cross this one off yet.)
  • Take a vacation (Alas, this one will probably wait until next year as well.)

To summarize…

Blog resolutions have been crossed of pretty quickly! All that’s left is to make a YouTube channel, make pinnable images for each post, guest post for another blogger, do a ‘Let’s Play,’ and host a giveaway. I should have my very first YouTube video up by July/August so stay tuned for that. I’m kicking myself right now for the Pinterest images; they can be time consuming! I have had a few bloggers express interest in guest posting so that one may be crossed off soon. As far as a ‘Let’s Play,’ I’m thinking of playing one of my favorite hidden gems: Rule of Rose (which I have never beaten!). I’m still very stuck on what to do as a giveaway, but I’m hoping to get some suggestions in the comments!

My personal resolutions have been a huge work in progress. Losing weight has been quite a slow journey, but I’m confident I can lose ten more pounds to reach my first goal. As far as my Pinterest dream closet, that’s most likely not going to happen as I have been saving up every penny to pay for our wedding in October and paying off credit cards. I really do need to stick to my 12 books in a year resolution though so I’m making a promise now to do that! The Library will be half way completed in time for my first YouTube video. I adore every branding board I’ve completed so far and actually have 2 that haven’t made it to the website yet with one possibly in the works. While I love my job, it doesn’t leave much room for me to do my own models so I must make that a priority now! I have learned heaps of HTML but still don’t feel comfortable saying that I know it. Last but not least, the vacation: we were supposed to take a lovely honeymoon right after our wedding but finances have been shifted around a bit so the honeymoon has been pushed back to January 2019. Maybe we can fit a mini vacation in soon.

What I need your help with…

  1. One (or more!) blogger(s) who wants to exchange guest posts
  2. What games would you like to see me stream? Rule of Rose? Another horror game? Something completely different?
  3. What kind of a giveaway would you participate in? Gaming? Fashion? Fandom? Something different?
  4. Want a new blog look? I make branding boards and would love to add yours to my portfolio. Send me an email if you’re interested.
  5. Got a budget-friendly vacation idea for someone in Missouri? Tell me your ideas so that we can take a mini vacation this year!


Thank you for all of your support this year! It wouldn’t be possible without you! Please leave your suggestions in the comments so that I can tackle the rest of my resolutions.

18 thoughts on “Spoilers! Mid-Year Blog + Personal Resolutions

  1. I got to do a list like this… I read a lot and would be happy to send you over a couple of recommendations. The good reading material can help one relax and re-charge with creative juice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d be interested in a guest post exchange. I would also like a fandom give away. Or books. I could always do with more books. Woot woot on the resolutions you’ve checked off so far this year. I’m very impressed! Here’s to the next six months!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The pinnable images resolution got me 😛 I’ve been trying to do that and some SEO things for mine and it just feels like a never-ending battle for me. Good luck! We will triumph eventually 🙂

    You’re more than welcome to come guest post at Just Geeking By! I’m honestly open for anything. You’re a geek blogger, I’m a geek blogger, we both game. Pretty sure we can work something out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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