5FF: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

If you’re participating in The Nerdy Girlie’s 5 Fandom Friday, you may have noticed a few of us have made some DLC’s (downloadable content) to complement the already lengthy blog prompt list courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. You can check out my first DLC for 5 Fandom Friday: the GG Pack (the Geeky Gal Pack)!

So many people have named their kids after their favorite characters, and I just love it! I hear those name drops (Luna, especially), and it takes me back to my favorite books or shows. I always wonder how a favorite character winds up as a potential baby name so here’s five baby names and why I would pick them for my kids!

Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)


Emma isn’t a perfect “Disney” princess which is why I love her so much. She’s flawed and owns it. She has a tough journey and she came out on the other end whole and happy. She also enjoys the simple things like hot cocoa with cinnamon and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Rory Williams (Doctor Who)


Of course Rory is on this list because he’s one of the best companions! Rory is headstrong, smart, and loyal. Who else would wait for 1,800 some-odd years for their SO? He’s humble and also a bit sarcastic which I admit I love. He’s also compassionate and faithful, always with empathy and (a lot of) patience .

Arya (Eragon)


Arya has forever had a place in my heart as a potential baby name. She may come off as reserved but her emotions are strong, often making her sound outspoken and opinionated. She often talks of being equal to men and is ever faithful to her people.

Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time)


Another character from OUAT that has stolen my heart. Henry is just so good. He was literally the glue that held his family together on many occasions. He kept faith in his moms (Emma and Regina) even when they didn’t have faith in themselves.

Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events)


One of my favorite book series is A Series of Unfortunate Events. Of course, I immediately was drawn to Violet. All three of the Baudelaire are very intelligent and resourceful, but Violet, the older sister, really resonated with me. If you haven’t watched the Netflix adaptation, you really should.

What characters would you name your kids after? Tell me in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “5FF: Characters I Would Name My Kids After

  1. This is neat! Arya and Violet are definitely names that I would use for my kids. I like your responses and Series of Unfortunate Events was really good! I finished season 2 finally lol.

    -Luna 🙂

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      1. There are a few. I really like Luna for example, just from the character and how the name sounds. I really like Spencer, Penelope and Abbie. I can think of a few others from games as well as other fandoms.

        I think I might take this as an inspiration for a post, though I am going to look at the other prompts to see if there are any I’d like to take part in (if that’s ok).

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  2. All of my characters I loved enough to want to name my baby after them were names that I didn’t find appealing just for sound or uniqueness reasons. Like Kid from Chrono Cross. Or Rose from Legend of Dragoon. In the end we named her a name that I had made up forever ago, and was also the name of the World of Warcraft character I played for many years. So it’s kind of cool, there’s a video game connection to her name, and I also test drive that name as for years I was called by that character’s name. And I’m reasonably sure she will never be in a class with four people with her same name.

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