5FF: Fictional Characters You Most Identify With

If you’re participating in The Nerdy Girlie’s 5 Fandom Friday, you may have noticed a few of us have made some DLC’s (downloadable content) to complement the already lengthy blog prompt list courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. You can check out my first DLC for 5 Fandom Friday: the GG Pack (the Geeky Gal Pack)!

This list was pretty easy to come up as usually my favorite characters are the ones I identify with. Now obviously none of these characters totally embody my personality or even who I am as a person, but they do possess several traits that I find we have in common.



Hori-san is half of Horimiya, a sweet romance manga about two classmates that discover the other’s secret and develop a unique friendship. Much like Hori-san, I too am an over achiever and a hard worker. She can also be abrasive, especially when it comes to her feelings. My husband jokingly refers to me as a Tsundere which I think fits Hori-san when she’s outside of school.

Hermione Granger


Another over achiever, Hermione is also steadfastly loyal and loves to read. Her greatest fears are probably failure and letting people down, much like my own. Hermione quickly became my favorite Harry Potter character with her quick wit (that I lack sometimes) and her will to make changes for those who couldn’t do for themselves like the house elves.

Kagome Higurashi


I bet you just went back in time when you read that name. Kagome is the leading female protagonist on InuYasha who has spiritual powers and kick-ass archery skills. While many viewers found her annoying and a bit of a damsel in distress in the beginning, Kagome is very determined, bold and kind. I took up archery because of her. I watched her grow into a strong and powerful priestess with a heart of gold. Like Kagome, I take pride in being myself, “unattractive” traits and all.

Tenth Doctor


Ten is not just one of my favorite Doctors; he’s also the one I identify with the most. Behind a positive and joyful demeanor is someone who carries a lot of guilt and anger. During conflict, he can be fiercely protective and without mercy. While I’m working on some of my own issues with guilt and anger, I still very much try to be positive and learn from the past.

Asuna Yuuki


While coming across as strong and fierce later in SAO, Asuna had some mental health issues that led her to falling in love with Kirito who helped her straighten herself out. When SAO became in-real-life dangerous, she didn’t care much whether or not she died. Kirito became her lifeline and she took his words to heart, much like I do with my husband. She’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands and is very independent, like me.

What characters do you identify with? Do you find yourself looking to protagonists, antagonists, or the support characters? Tell me in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “5FF: Fictional Characters You Most Identify With

  1. While a lot of my examples come from video games, I love these kinds of topics and your choices are very interesting even if I’m unfamiliar with one or two of them!
    Personally, I tend to relate to “secondary main characters” in works with a few exceptions here and there and tending more toward female characters for a variety of reasons.
    Hermione would definitely rank up there, though, as my relating to her was actually a big part of what made me sail through the Harry Potter series so fast. Definitely a strong character with intelligence and determination to spare, though definitely not without flaws. It was tough not to identify with her being and outlier to some despite her hard work and her desire to see all creatures treated equally (and as they warranted by their behavior, in some cases).
    Cool read! 🙂

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