Link Loves: Gaming Guilt, Coping with Games, and Yennefer Cosplay

Welcome to the seventh installment of Link Loves. Link Loves is now on Wednesdays! These posts are all about my favorite links of the week! It can include bloggers, articles, news, clothing, accessories, and other cool links I’m enjoying.


I am featuring two emotionally heavy posts this week. The first one is from AmbiGaming. Athena writes about the guilt behind playing video games despite being a fully functional adult, something I find myself relating to more and more lately as wedding planning takes a front seat along side my job, house hunting, and saving.


The second post hits really close to home. Kim over at Later Levels tackles grieving with video games. I recently lost my grandfather in March. It still doesn’t feel real. I feel a pain in my heart whenever he comes to mind. Like the other day when my grandmother asked how “we” (Alec and I) were doing. I almost said: Good! How are y’all? It was enough to make me take a second to myself before quickly backspacing. I’m struggling with his loss, but I know I will heal eventually.


Let’s move on to something a little brighter. I recently stumbled across Camryn Dayton’s post on Manga Classics, and I got so excited! I haven’t read a good manga in awhile and what better way to do it than with visiting the classics! Look out for a review on these!


The lovely Wintendo64 graces us with her latest cosplay: Yennefer from the Witcher 3. I love the build and simplicity of this cosplay! Wintendo64 just looks so comfortable and relaxed. Check out her post and give the photos a look!


Last but certainly not least is this charming post about quirky gifts by Chrissie at Vamp It Up Manchester. Her mini haul of Old English Company brand stationary and gifts is enough for any geek to run out and get their very own ‘fancy a cuppa’ coasters!

What are your favorite links this week? Do you have a new favorite blogger? Let me know in the comments!

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