A Geeky Gal’s Fan Convention Guide: Frugal Food on the Run

Let’s be honest, prepping for a con can be a lot of work, especially if it’s your first one. But you still have to eat! So, let me take some of that hard work out for you! I have compiled an amazing list of food and beverages based on your hotel situation. Plus this rundown contains tips for eating and keeping hydrated while you browse the dealers hall or sit in on your favorite panels. Screenshot these on your phone, or even better, print this article out and use it as your next shopping list. I tried to keep it easy and healthy!

Convention Must-Haves
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These are all the things you absolutely must have at the con, no matter what.

Convention Must-Buys
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Add these things to your cart before heading to the con. You’ll be glad you did.

Blessed with a Fridge
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Aren’t you one of the lucky ones?

  • Uncrustables //
  • Lunchables //
  • Lean Pockets* //
  • microwave dinners* //
  • pre-made salads //
  • turkey/chicken slices //
  • carrots //
  • PB&J sandwiches //
  • jello //
  • cottage cheese //
  • cream cheese //
  • milk & cereal //
  • yogurt //
  • tuna & mayo sandwiches //
  • applesauce //
  • pudding //
  • pickles //
  • Wholly guacamole //
  • hummus //
  • string cheese //
  • salsa //
  • eggs //

No Fridge Required
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No fridge? No problem! A Geeky Gal has got your back.

  • oranges //
  • apples //
  • potatoes* //
  • peanut butter //
  • Nutella //
  • dark chocolate //
  • muffins //
  • bagels (or bagel thins) //
  • bread //
  • pita pockets //
  • rice cakes //
  • crackers //
  • tuna pouches //
  • instant noodles* //
  • trail mix //
  • protein/granola bars //
  • jerky //
  • popcorn* //
  • nuts //
  • dried fruit //
  • pretzels //
  • dry cereal //
  • chips //
  • instant oatmeal/grits* //
  • canned soup*, //
  • condiment packets of ketchup, mustard, and mayo //
  • flavor packets for water //

Meal Prep like a (J-Pop) Star
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See what I did there?

*May require a coffee maker or microwave

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  • Freeze about half the water in your water bottle, then fill it up with water before throwing it in your food bag to use as an ice pack. You can also freeze your yogurts to use as ice packs too!
  • Got Amazon Prime? Utilize Prime Pantry to get your groceries sent to your room!
  • For more meal ideas, search for “mug meals” or “microwave meals” on Pinterest.
  • If you plan on getting some of your meals outside of the hotel, look for Subway or an Asian restaurant. Order “light.”
  • For normal fast food restaurants or restaurants that aren’t very frugal, try taking half of your meal back to your room if you have a fridge and microwave. If taking back food isn’t possible, split a dish with your roomie!
  • Food trucks can be your best friend. Check them out if they’re available to you.
  • Feeling fancy? Bring a small crockpot to your hotel room for even better meals!

I have more posts on conventions and cosplay! If this is your very first convention, check out this post for general tips. For cosplay tips, check out this cool post (you’ll be glad you did). If you need a guide on buying your cosplay online, check out this helpful post. If it’s your very first time cosplaying, I recommend reading this post for more info!

Please leave a comment with your frugal food suggestions!

**This post contains affiliate links; actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for ageekygal.com which never add to your cost if you choose to make a purchase, but make it possible for me to maintain this site.  ♥

26 thoughts on “A Geeky Gal’s Fan Convention Guide: Frugal Food on the Run

  1. These are very good suggestions, food can really kill your budget at conventions. Sometimes I bring my kids to conventions with me, so I like to make my own trail mix with stuff in it that I know they’ll eat. That way they’re happy while we’re browsing vendors and I don’t have to spend $10 on a stale pretzel they probably won’t eat lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you are at a larger convention, like DragonCon, seek out the Con Suite. Not all cons have them, but when they do, they provide free food and drinks to all guests. A lot of people don’t know to look for it 🙂
    It’s usually simple stuff like chips, water, PB&J’s…but hey it’s free!

    Liked by 1 person

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