5 Fandom Friday: The 5 Geekiest Things I’ve Ever Done

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen a 5FF post! Needing to get over some writer’s block had me revisiting the original 5 Fandom Friday girls: The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick. See this post for a list of the prompts! If you’re already participating in 5 Fandom Friday, you may have noticed a few of us have made some DLC’s to complement the already lengthy blog prompt list. You can check out my first DLC for 5 Fandom Friday: the GG Pack (the Geeky Gal Pack)!

I had a hard time trying to narrow this down to just 5 things. From my birthday present this year being Hermione’s wand (which lights up with a flick of your wrist) (also, thanks Mom!) to planning a trip to Japan on Pinterest, there’s just too many every day geeky things that I do to have such a small list! I’ll give it my best shot; here’s my top 5 geeky things I have ever done.

Write Fanfiction


I’m sure everyone has written fanfiction at some point… No? Just me? Damn. I had an account when I was about 12 or 13 that was just terrible. Not the account itself but my writing was horrendous. I ended up creating a new account on Fanfiction.net. I wrote Over Oceans which was inspired by my long distance relationship and my love for MMORPGs (imagine my frustration when I received a review that alluded I had never played a video game). My readers are still asking for new chapters 4 years later and, while I feel terrible for having an unfinished story, my heart is no longer in it, and my writing style has changed.

Maybe one day I’ll return to Over Oceans and give it the ending it deserves.

Attend a Convention

Photo by Megan Price – AWA 2015

I’ve been to three anime conventions so far. My very first one was KamiCon 2013 in Birmingham. I went with one of my best friends and Alec, and we had a blast! We swore we’d cosplay the next go around. An opportunity fell in my lap to go again: MomoCon 2013 in Atlanta with Alec and my brother. Two cons in one year was more than my otaku heart could take. It was 2015 before I would go again. This time, my cosplay dreams came true.


Photos by Alec Magee – AWA 2015

It was my dream to cosplay Asuna from SAO and I finally got the chance! I did tons of research and even made a few blog posts on cosplay and conventions: attending your first convention, your first cosplay, and how to buy your cosplay online. It was a magical moment to have people ask for my picture and to be on Crunchy Roll for a few minutes (and to see the users light up the screen screaming my character’s name and telling me that I was cute was a confidence booster). I can’t wait to do it again!

Participating in a Kingdom Hearts Panel

Photo by Alec Magee – AWA 2015

So not only did Alec and I have to wait to see if we’d even be let into this panel for over 30 minutes (even foregoing another event), but once we got in, the panel was a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve attended several panels, and they’ve always been interesting. We just thought this KH panel would be… more. We barely got to talk, and most of the discussion was centered around “what if’s” for 2.8 and III. Regardless though, we still had fun chatting with other fans, and it was a one of the geekiest things I had ever done.

Buy Anime Figurines

Alec inadvertently started this. For my birthday about 4 years ago, he bought me a wonderful chibi Asuna from SAO. She was adorable and came with a million parts. I loved it! And I just wanted more. I’ve only bought one other figurine since then but Alec has collected a few as well. I can’t to have the space to properly display them and expand our collections.

Bonus: This blog


Yes, this blog counts too! My very first blog was personal and very introspective. A Geeky Gal has become my special place on the internet since then and has become my favorite place to talk about all the things I love. My niche. My favorites. Everything.

What are the geekiest things you’ve ever done? Tell me in the comments!

42 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: The 5 Geekiest Things I’ve Ever Done

  1. And we’re all very glad you did start this blog! Even if I don’t know what half the anime stuff is about. The geekiest thing I will ever do is finish your 30 game video game challenge to the level of detail I want. Unfortunately I’m only… *does math* 3.3% done.

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  2. Fanfiction! Amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever read any fanfiction, let alone written any, though I love the idea of it – my love stemming from an obsession with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. My geekiest thing – probably spending like 4 grand on a trip to New Zealand to go to the Hobbit Premiere. It was a bloody amazing trip though so I don’t regret a thing!

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    1. Fangirl has been on my book list for ages. I really need to just order it already! And New Zealand is also on my travel list for the same reason! What an amazing trip with amazing memories for you! Super jealous. ❤


  3. Oh wow, basically checked off everything you said.
    Fan Fiction? Yup, for CATS (the musical)…back when I was 14. It’s (thankfully) not online though.
    Cons? San Diego Comic Con, Anime Expo, VidCon, PlaylistLive, EtsyUp, and my fav…BroadwayCon!
    Cosplay? So much!!!!! hahaha
    On a con panel? I was on the Small Creators panel at Playlist and the Cosplay panel at BroadwayCon (2 years in a row!)
    Anime Figurines? Okay…this is the one I don’t do.
    Geeky Blog? Yes yes yes (magiccatjenny.com)
    Sorry to write you a novel, but you inspired me. 😛
    Great post!

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  4. I have a blog obviously, been to some comic cons and geeky events, not really done cosplay but I would like to (I generally stick to wearing comic print clothes when I go to cons or geeky t shirts and hoodies). I will cosplay properly one day!

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  5. I’m planning a trip to Japan too! It won’t be for a while yet though… I need to concentrate more on my Japanese studies and be strict on my saving!
    I’ve always had blogs online, Dailybooth was always my favourite until it was shut down, but I think I’ve found my happy place writing here on WordPress. I love how you write about everything and anything that interests you, it’s always so great to read!

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    1. Two of my very good friends have gone to Japan already and are going again this year so I’ve been getting all the info I can from them! I’ve been using duo lingo as well to learn Japanese (I need to get back to it).

      And thank you! I’m so glad that other people find my ramblings enjoyable. ❤

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  6. Heh, I can check a few off this list!
    Write fanfiction – I still have my fanfiction.net account, though I’ve not posted over there for years. Much prefer AO3.
    Attend a convention – not as many as I’d like, but I’ve been to several. I’ve tickets to Vvorp in September and I might be doing a Stargate con in November.
    Cosplay – yes and no. I’m a Steampunk, so yes I have dressed up in odd clothing, but I’ve not done a fandom character YET. Working on Donna Noble and the Thirteenth Doctor at the mo.
    Participating in a Kingdom Hearts Panel – I’ve been on a writing panel at BristolCon. I nearly threw up from nerves beforehand, but it was fun in the end.
    Buy Anime Figurines – I’ve just started a collection of Funko POPS! Anime isn’t quite my thing (sorry!) but I have Groot and the Ninth Doctor so far.
    Blog – yeah, I started TMG purely to have somewhere to geek out about stuff

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    1. I’m super excited to see your Doctor Who cosplays! I also wish I had been to more conventions but that should be changing now that I’m in a bigger city. I just recently got into Stargate SG-1 so I’m super jealous that you may be going to a Stargate convention!


  7. Technically a significant portion of my Blog counts as Fan Fiction, when you look at my DnD write ups and their predecessor, a 17 part epic of my Dark Ages Vampire Character. However, going past that I have dabbled but never really finished writing a “Fanfiction” once or twice, usually Transformers based loosely on the 80s cartoon and shot into the future (I was going to do a story based on a future civilisation where transformers and humans live side by side and some in a symbiotic relationship – such as Heeadmasters, which were already a thing. I Was going to do a social commentary but it always felt collosal and wasn’t preparped to commit the time). I have also had critical/negative appraisal of my work which was downright bad (the critique, not my work), and I think it is a shame that it happens a lot. I suspect you don’t need me to tell you but it is worth saying anyway, sometimes critics are wrong and have no business saying what they have said. Con. Check. Cosplay – As Dr Strange minus cape a couple of years back, before he was cool by the way…Not been to a panel but that may change in the next week or so…Thanks for sharing, and welcome back

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    1. I wrote a post a long time ago about taking criticism based solely off of that comment about how I must have never played a game before. It really hit me harder than it should have and therefore I wrote up a great piece on how to give and take criticism. You’re definitely right: sometimes critics are just simply wrong. We just have to keep on writing. Hopefully you’ll come to a point in life where you are prepared to take on such a huge story! And thanks! It feels good to be back. 🙂


      1. Oh, I’m ready for writing big…I do it most days, but its too early to talk about here…but that wont always be the case. And it isn’t fan fiction.

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  8. This is absolutely brilliant!

    I’ve never tried my hand at fan fiction oddly. You would think with my love of writing and my love of geekiness I would have.

    The geekiest things I’ve done include going to a Comic Con to meet Jenna Coleman (Clara from Dr. Who for those less real name savvy like me) while 8 months pregnant, named my child after 2 female role models in science fiction, ran a mile in the snow to catch a rare Pokémon in Pokemon Go, and finally got a Harry Potter and Legend of Zelda tattoo!! I’m Geeky and I’m proud lol!

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    1. I’m super jealous that you met Jenna Coleman! I would love to hear your kids’ names if you feel like sharing. I’ve been looking to my favorite fandoms for future baby names lol. Love that you got tattoos as well! I haven’t gotten mine yet but I hope to one day!

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      1. My daughter’s name is Clara Rey! 🙂 When we found out Jenna Coleman was going to be at the con we had already picked the name and HAD to get a picture with her and my preggo belly lol! It was a really special day. 😊

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