17 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award (+ Tags)

      1. I know when Derek left I was so upset but I’m glad you still see him from time to time so he isn’t completely gone. I really like that Emily is back though. I now really want to binge watch my way through from Season 1… I should probably stop myself but I do love the show. I want to watch season 13 but had no way to watch it when it started so now I’m impatiently waiting for it to finish and release on dvd.

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      2. Emily is another of my favorite characters. In fact, I watched Friends for the third time and recognized the actor as Joey’s girlfriend! I told my husband “Look, it’s Prentiss!” because I’m terrible at remembering actors’ names. I might join you in rewatching it!

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      3. That sounds like something I would do as well. I probably shouldn’t be tempted to watch it again from the beginning with the lack of time to do this but the series are so good and it’s been a while since I watched the earlier series.

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  1. Firstly, congrats on the award! Second, thanks for the nomination!

    Someone else just nominated me for this about two weeks ago, but I’d still like to answer your five questions =)

    If you could meet any video game/book/TV character, who would it be?

    I think Cole from Dragon Age: Inquisition would provide endless hours of interesting conversation. I’d have picked Dorian from the same game, but he’d likely make me feel incredibly stupid with his intelligence.

    Name your top 3 favorite websites.

    Giant Bomb
    NJPWworld (the English translated website for the Japanese wrestling promotion)
    Twitter (yes, I use the browser version the most!)

    Which video game/book/TV character would you marry?

    I’ve been married and divorced before, so I think I’m okay there lol.

    What video game changed your life?

    The original Metroid and Legend of Zelda on NES. Both games gave an unparalleled sense of adventure to my 6-year-old self and began my 30-year obsessed with video games.

    What’s the background on your phone/computer right now?

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      1. Nier Automata may be my favorite game of all time. It connected with me so much, from the different stories, the way it deals with tragic themes, sentience, suicide, depression, self-worth, and how the brilliant soundtrack elevates the experience. Some folks hated it, but I think about it pretty regularly.

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