VGC Day 30: What game did you think you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving?

If you’ve been reading every day since I first set out on this 30 Day Video Game Challenge, it’s no secret that I don’t enjoy shooters. They’re just not for me. So of course Fallout was not the game for me. Or so I thought.


I was talked into trying Fallout: New Vegas by my husband (then long distance boyfriend) years after it had come out. I had low expectations of this game. Sure, I loved Skyrim by Bethesda, but sneaking around with my bow was so different from running through the desert with a gun. I was so wrong.

The first thing we did was mod the hell out New Vegas on my computer. I let Alec pick several mods for me to download first and then I went after aesthetic mods. I love character modeling so I made sure to get lots of hair, faces, and other character-related mods. Then I tackled a few environment mods and loaded them all up on my little lap top.

It was a lot of fun playing New Vegas. I essentially let my companions take on the violence while I ran around questing and talking to everyone. If I did had to fight, I tried to use melee means to get things done. The VATS system was extremely helpful as I can’t aim for anything.

I wouldn’t call myself “converted” but New Vegas was a step towards First Person Shooters for me. Maybe I’ll be more open to giving them a try.

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What game did you think you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “VGC Day 30: What game did you think you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving?

  1. The very last one, huh? I almost don’t want to say for fear of endings. But, alas, here goes.

    Plants vs. Zombies.

    Things I don’t tend to like in video games.
    – Plants
    – Zombies
    – Casual games
    – Tower Defense Games

    And yet I adore Plants vs. Zombies so much. I’m not even sure why. Maybe the music’s good? Maybe the surprisingly deep strategy? No idea.

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  2. I still haven’t played a Fallout Game but eventually, I will try it out haha. For my game, I always put Minecraft out there. I did NOT want to start playing Minecraft but my friends kept begging and pleading so I eventually gave in. It was sooo annoying to me punching cows and trees and then 1 day… something clicked. I don’t know what it was or why it happened but now I LOVE Minecraft and will continue to waste hours of my life away on the game haha. I’m happy that you were able to complete the 30 day challenge and CONGRATULATIONS!

    -Luna 🙂

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