VGC Day 26: What game can you tell have had a LOT of passion put into it?

Until Dawn has seen many changes from its prototype debut in 2010 to its Gamescom 2012  PS3 trailer and after that we got a taste of the beta. Two years later, Gamescom 2014 debuted a PS4 trailer that looked more like the Until Dawn we know today.


Over 4 years of development went into Until Dawn. It was originally scheduled to be released on PS3 with PlayStation Move support. Eventually it was slotted for a PS4 exclusive without PlayStation Move support. It received praise for visuals (hands down some of the best character models I have ever seen: Hayden Panettiere character model looks like Hayden Panettiere; no uncanny valley here), music, characters (Hayden Panettiere is another perfect example as her mannerisms really showed through in Sam), voice acting (top notch cast in my opinion), and game-play design.

This game was crafted into an amazing experience that any horror enthusiast will enjoy. Throughout the game, the player will alternate between all eight characters, making critical choices as the story advances which will drastically affect the game’s outcome. The beauty of Until Dawn is that it’s meant to be played multiple times. Each play through gives you another piece of the puzzle until you have the whole story.

Until Dawn is about a group of teenagers who spend the weekend in a ski lodge on the anniversary of their friends’ disappearance, unaware that they are not alone…. One year after the disappearance of Hannah and Beth, eight friends return to the cabin in the mountains belonging to the parents of their friend Josh, the brother of the missing twin sisters. Shortly after arriving, Mike, Matt, Chris, Emily, Ashley, Jessica, Josh, and Sam realize that they may not be the only people on this mountain. The friends find themselves under attack by a psycho and must attempt to survive until sunrise.

Game mechanics include quick time events, finding clues, finding totems that drop hints about possible futures, a unique in-game system called “butterfly effects” in which a choice or action made by the player may cause unforeseen consequences later on in the game, and difficult moral and ethical choices that the player must make. Butterfly effects bring something unique to Until Dawn. Theses butterfly effects will blur the right and wrong between choices the player makes leaving it totally possible for all 8 characters to live… or die.

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What game can you tell have had a LOT of passion put into it? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “VGC Day 26: What game can you tell have had a LOT of passion put into it?

  1. I loved that game. It has the thing that so many choice driven games have in that the developers create scenes that some players will never even see which in itself is testament to how dedicated they must be when making them.

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  2. I could not wipe the smile off my face the entire time I was playing Super Mario Odyssey. It’s so effortless to play, you can tell the devs had a blast making it. It deserved its consideration for GotY 2017. That’s a requirement to play if you ever get a Switch.

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  3. One game currently on my mind for this is Iconoclasts. Incredible labor of love by one guy. In a similar genre, one person made-games I’m also impressed with are Axiom Verge and Cave Story.

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