VGC Day 25: What is your comfort game?

When I need a comfort game, I look for something that doesn’t involve a ton of thinking, challenging puzzles, or a complex story line. I look for a game that I can snuggle into a blanket, eat a snack, and hold my dog Padme all at the same time. The Sims 3 (and 2) is my comfort game.


The Sims has been one of my favorite comfort games since I got the first one from my aunt. Our little family computer could run the game fairly well and I enjoyed decorating houses and even building them. The Sims was not a complex game and it was easy for an 8 or 9-year-old to enjoy. When Sims 2 went down to a mere $20 at my local Walmart, I grabbed it up. Little did I know this would lead to spending more money…

On expansion packs! Our little family computer could only run one or two expansions so no other expansions were purchased for Sims 2 until I had my own computer. Then I had at least 5 expansions and enjoyed them all! Most were furniture and house expansion packs and I didn’t get any that added to game play until The Sims 3.

I went a little crazy with The Sims 3 if I’m being perfectly honest. I bought the base game and the Supernatural expansion. Then I went to a friend’s yard sale and picked up 5 or 6 more expansions packs. Is it an obsession? Maybe. But nothing beats a rainy day where I’m snuggled into the couch under a soft blanket, playing The Sims with a bowl of chips to eat and a long haired chihuahua cuddled into my side.

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What is your comfort game? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “VGC Day 25: What is your comfort game?

  1. I’m the opposite, I find comfort in adventure games, things with puzzles where I can take my time to solve them and no one, not even the game, is rushing me to complete stuff.

    Alternatively, I’ve replayed A Link to the Past so many times, you can almost consider it the video game equivalent of comfort food at this point 😛

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  2. I could say Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, but in this case I think the definitive comfort game for me is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Challenging, but not overly so, its graphical style and music are timeless. I simply love it.

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