VGC Day 22: What game were you so enraptured by that you beat it extremely quickly?

If you recall Day 12, I talked about why I went with a PS4 and how it was all for one video game: God of War III.


God of War already had me hooked with its predecessors. I love Greek mythology. I love the game’s take on it. I love Kratos as a character. I love the combat system. It’s simple, easy to pick up, and so much fun. I love the moody classical musical that ties this game up into a neat little bow. It is truly a pleasure to play.

God of War III sucked me in with those amazing graphics which were stellar for the time and PlayStation 3. Kratos just looked phenomenal. The enemies seemed larger than life and were nothing I had experienced before. The puzzles were well-crafted and enjoyable. There were also new weapons to try out that had some unique powers which I was excited for.

I could not put this game down until I finished it. I felt breathless, my heart pounding all the way up until the very end. Then the game literally took my breath away with its ending. It’s been awhile since I have felt that way about a game if I’m being honest here. I really should make the time to pick this gem back up for a round 2.

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What game were you so enraptured by that you beat it extremely quickly? Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “VGC Day 22: What game were you so enraptured by that you beat it extremely quickly?

  1. From the opening cinematic to the end of the final boss, I’ve never beaten a game faster than Sonic Mania. All of my dreams of a new classic 2D Sonic game were wrapped into an almost perfect package. Than I played it again. And again.

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  2. I beat Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in three days because I fell in love with the story and the characters’ relationships. But if you want me to go way back, then Pokemon Silver when it came out, admittedly I didn’t catchall 250 Pokemon, but I did complete the story and end game content in about a week.

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