VGC Day 17: What game do you disagree with the general opinion on it?

I’ve dabbled in the likes of Grand Theft Auto games. It started with True Crime which I never finished. I enjoyed just driving cars and trying to find the prettiest/nicest ride while keeping it intact (I was not a good driver). The thought of it being open world didn’t make the game appeal to me. The thought of running from the cops didn’t scratch a gamer’s itch for me either.


So when the family got GTA: San Andreas, I wasn’t that excited about it.

I watched my brother play, and he seemed to like it and have fun but when I played it, it just seemed to be a “don’t get caught by the cops” kind of game. I played more of the story line than I ever did True Crime so it had that going for it I suppose. I just don’t “get” Grand Theft Auto.

When GTA 5 was released, fans were pretty excited and rightfully so. GTA 5 brought in some new game play like 3 main characters and online gaming. Who wouldn’t enjoy blowing other people up? Well, just me I think.

So I’m not saying GTA are bad games. They’re not. But in my opinion, GTA is just not that great of a series. Shoot people, run from cops, be bad, try to be good, steal things, rinse, and repeat.

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What game do you disagree with the general opinion on it? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “VGC Day 17: What game do you disagree with the general opinion on it?

  1. You know, I know I wasn’t born anywhere near the time that Looney Tunes being produced, but I did grow up watching the cartoons. I appreciate the art form, and I love the writing.

    But good grief that’s where my appreciation of the new Cuphead ends. I will never understand why it’s so loved. Sure, it’s beautiful, but come on. Be fair to your players. Difficult games are fine… look at the amazing Mega Man serious. But you never need to just pelt your audience with the requirement for memorization and frustration. Video games should. be. fun. Cuphead is not.

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    1. And the reason why so many people watch their favorite YouTubers play Cuphead is to watch how frustrated they get. I find it difficult to enjoy any game that is purposely hard to win. I don’t mind losing a bit (I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to beat Terra’s final boss on Kingdom Hearts) or even quite a bit in a game in Cuphead really goes past the point of just feeling satisfied after finally beating an especislly hard battle.


  2. I pretty much agree with all of this. Me and my bloke (equally bad drivers who get better with time but then loose the knack for it each time) usually play it when we are drunk and just want to cruise around with the radio on amd smash stuff up. That sums it up I guess lol

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  3. I’m not a GTA fan, for games of its like I prefer Saint’s Row, because at least they realised the premise of these games are silly, so why not go to cartoonish levels with it? Where GTA still tries to be gritty and HBO-worthy, Saint’s Row’s developers looked at their games and said “Bring on the Looney Tunes and dildo bats!” It’s a game series where the rule of cool applies heavily, where fun and funny are more important than coherent or gritty.

    But yes, I agree with you, I don’t have the same love for GTA as everyone else has. Last GTA I liked was Vice City and because it was insane, full of 80s nostalgia and tons of of movie spoofs, cameos and homages. It was silly as hell an didn’t care about it.

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  4. Call Of Duty. Cannot be bothered with it. This possibly stems from the fact that I am not great at FPS in general, however the thing that switches me of this game series is the Online Element. I am aware there are single player campaigns, but I generally am not that bothered about them. And the online element, well if I wanted to get hours of abuse from people less than half my age I would have done a teaching degree. And Titanfall. I think that was what it was called. FPS where you deploy to a planet and run around shooting, then you get to call in your mech suit. All of my COD things apply to Titanfall, but with the added “Why on Earth would you deploy without your mechsuit? Airforce Pilots don’t use pistols until they rack up enough kills to warrant a plane…” disbelief. Made no sense to me. Never tried GTA either, didn’t really grab me but kinda saw some of the appeal living as an outlaw sorta thing (not technically what outlaw means but what people mostly understand it to mean)

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    1. Call of Duty is another for me as well. It’s definitely because of it being an FPS. I avoid playing online games unless it’s with friends. Being female and playing online games is another topic all together but generally I stay away from games that really only want you to play online.

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      1. I hadn’t considered that, but yes I can imagine (I read a post about the female experience in RPG, and saw the hate it drew- quite unfaily- so I can envision exactly what sort of crap you would have to deal with)

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