VGC Day 12: What is your gaming system of choice?

This one is really easy to answer. You’ll know from Day 1 my first system was a PlayStation 1. Eventually, as a family gift for Christmas one year, we got a PlayStation 2. I don’t know my parents’ reasons for going with PlayStation, but when the PS3 was out I knew I had a decision to make between it and the Xbox.


The deciding factor was a video game. That video game was God of War III. I had played GoW and GoW II on the family PS2. Then the stars aligned and I was given a PSP for Christmas (Notice the pattern? Video games = Christmas!). GoW: Chains of Olympus was one of the first games I played on it.


When GoW III was set to be released only on PS3, my decision was made. Using my own money from my job at a gas station, I bought a PS3. I’ve always been pretty late to the party on getting new gaming systems. Two Christmases ago I treated myself to a new PS4.

It’s always been PlayStation. Unless something dramatically changes, it will always be PlayStation.

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What is your gaming system of choice? Let me know in the comments!

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