VGC Day 10: What game destroyed you emotionally?

So many games can fit here: Heavy Rain, Beyond: 2 Souls, Life is Strange, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Several games have made me cry openly, either with sadness or happiness. I knew there was only one that really fit the bill for this question though.


I want to take this one back a bit to my first visual novel: Katawa Shoujo. The game itself is free and totally NSFW (it contains sexual content). It’s so beautifully done that I couldn’t believe it was free to download and play. It’s about five high school aged girls and one guy (who you play as) all living with different disabilities in a high school that cares for students with disabilities.

You are Hisao Nakai. Hisao suffers a heart attack caused by long dormant cardiac arrhythmia. After a lengthy hospital stay, he transfers to a new school with specialized education and care. Here he meets five different girls and has the choice to come to terms with his own disability.


Through a series of choices by the player, you’ll end up with one of the five girls (or another, different ending). You are able to play through her “story” and all of your choices have an effect throughout her story line. During my first play through, I got Emi.

Emi has prosthetic legs and is a track runner. She’s extremely extroverted, funny, stubborn, and just really upbeat. Hisao ends up being her running partner as a way for her to instill some exercise into his routine and keep tabs on him for the school nurse. Emi also finds it hard to get close to people which I identify with completely. Needless to say, I immediately fell hard for Emi’s character.

I played KS like I play any choice game: the first way through is how I want to play it, then I go back and try to get things “right” or get a different outcome from what I has before.

Never have a I cried so much over making the “wrong” choice in a game. It felt like my heart had broke in two. I knew I couldn’t go back yet to make a different choice, so I finished the game with tears streaming down my face. Once I was done sobbing, I tried again, shooting for Emi’s good ending. I had to. I was so emotionally invested in this girl.

The emotional investment didn’t end with Emi though. Just about every girl in the game had me in tears at one point or another. I can’t recall the last game that made me cry like that…. and that’s why KS is the game that destroyed me emotionally.

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What game destroyed you emotionally? Would you like to see a Saturday Suggestion on Katawa Shoujo? Let me know in the comments!

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