VGC Day 8: What game haunts your dreams?

One of my all time favorite survival horror games ever is Clock Tower 3 on the PlayStation 2.  Clock Tower 3 was a huge step for me as a gamer. It was probably one of the first survival horror games I played and enjoyed on my own. Usually I played with a friend and found most horror games to be thrilling versus scary. Clock Tower 3 was definitely scary while I was playing alone.


Clock Tower 3 is about 14-year-old Alyssa Hamilton who is from a lineage of warriors who travel through time to defeat evil spirits. Alyssa travels from her time in 2003 London to the 1940s and 1960s to defeat these enemies and bring peace to the troubled souls she encounters.

Without delving too much into the game mechanics and how short the actual game was, I want to answer why the game in particular haunts my dreams when I play so many other horror games. What makes Clock Tower 3 so special in my eyes? The enemies.


The Sledgehammer, a serial killer who uses a giant sledgehammer to bludgeon his victims to death. Alyssa first encounters him as he bludgeons twelve-year-old pianist, May, to death on Christmas Eve 1942. He killed total of 26 victims.


The Corroder, a serial killer who uses concentrated sulfuric acid. Alyssa first encounters him as he blinds an elderly woman, Dorothy, and her son before throwing them both alive into a drum of sulfuric acid in November 1963. He killed total of 31 victims.


Scissorwoman of the Scissor Twins, a serial killer who guts and dismembers her victims who are still alive with blades or scissors. Alyssa first encounters the twins when they kidnap her friend Dennis. She killed a total of 22 victims. Her brother killed a total of 37 victims.

Clock Tower 3 paints a gory picture of these serial killers who were brought back to life through “Entities.” Learning their back stories, coming across them killing people, and the panic-inducing encounters will give you nightmares. You can’t fight them yet. You have to run and hide and pray they don’t find you… Or you’ll end up like the rest of the unlucky people who crossed their paths.

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What game haunts your dreams? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “VGC Day 8: What game haunts your dreams?

  1. I never really played Survival Horror, to be honest. There was the Haunted Hotel level in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines which is roughly equivalent, which I enjoyed but never really tried. This game looks cool and I backed a video game on Kickstarter called “The Lighthouse” which definitely qualifies so I daresay I will be playing that with the lights out. Clock Tower looks particularly twisted

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