VGC Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure game?

I picked up Final Fantasy X-2 after a friend highly recommended it. I had never played Final Fantasy X (yes, I know, terrible!) but was eager to try it out as I had never played a turn based RPG before. Needless to say, now I find myself passing over these kind of games in favor for regular RPGs, BUT FFX-2 does have a special place in my heart. It’s one of my guilty pleasure games.


Final Fantasy X-2 drew me in for one reason: that amazing opening sequence. Anyone else download that song? I’m pretty sure I still have it on an MP3 player somewhere. I would restart the game just for that opening (and I did). And that outfit she’s wearing! (Spoiler: it was the songstress dress sphere.) Who didn’t want to cosplay that?!

My second favorite thing about FFX-2? The dress spheres. I won’t lie. I bought a guide book just to see how cool I could make Yuna, Rikku, and Pain. My favorite dress sphere was definitely the gunner, purely for aesthetic reasons. The coolest dress sphere though was Yuna’s Floral Fallal. As a 13 year old girl, I spent many weekends drawing up my own dress spheres and dreaming about what they could do.

I didn’t play FFX-2 for the story. I played it to get into as many battles as possible, which was pretty easy considering every time you walked a few feet you were in one. Maybe I could have gotten more into the story had I played Final Fantasy X first. Yuna is a pretty bad ass chick though, and I loved playing a trio of awesome women. Maybe I’ll dig it back out and give the story another try.

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What is your guilty pleasure game? Tell me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “VGC Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure game?

  1. You’ve never played Final Fantasy X?! I find it interesting that the sequel is your guilty pleasure. A lot of people who played the first game tend not to enjoy the sequel, so I would be intrigued to see what you make of FFX.
    My guilty pleasure game would probably be The Sims 2, it may be old but the fun that I have with it hasn’t diminished.

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    1. I know. It’s terrible of me to have not played the original! I plan to change that though as I still have a working PS2.

      I love the Sims! I got Sims 3 not too long before they announced Sims 4, but I really don’t feel that there’s that much of a difference. Sims 2 & 3 are definitely holding their own.

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      1. When you do get a chance to play it, I wold love to know what you thought of it.
        I haven’t played Sims 4, but I agree with you that Sim 2 & 3 are definitely the better ones in the series.

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  2. I have never played any of the Final Fantasy Games, though I suspect I would enjoy them. Guilty pleasure games? I don’t know that have any, I don’t especially feel guilty about any of the games, even when I play vilainous personas in games (I am playing a villainous homebrew action in Galactic Civ3 but I feel no guilt, it is fiction). Hard one to answer

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    1. That’s okay! You don’t have to have a guilty pleasure game. I was definitely thinking of games that I would have a hard time admitting that I enjoy to other gamers. FFX-2 came to mind because I have never played the original and I mostly played it for the dress spheres (purely aesthetic or fighting reasons).

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  3. FINAL FANTASY X-2 WAS EVERYTHING TO ME IN 5TH GRADE! Lol! Sorry that was all in caps, I just got very excited to see this picture on your blog! I love the dresspheres in this game. I had the strategy guide and I loved looking at all the dressphere pictures! 🙂

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