VGC Day 4: What game deserves more love?

So maybe I need to get off my soap box about Wolf Among Us, but I just can’t. It ranks highly in my “favorite games ever” category. I wrote a review on the gritty game and even gushed about the comics it’s based on. It even made a top 5 list here on the blog. I can hear y’all yelling at me to sit down so I will…

As soon as I give you three reasons why Wolf Among Us deserves more love than we have been giving it.


Number 1: The Detective Work

I have to hand it to Tell Tales games. I have never played a detective quite like Bigby. You can collect evidence, read characters faces, play good cop or bad cop, call someone out on their lies, and draw your own conclusions. You have multiple options to handle conversations and other characters. With the right balance, you can get them to talk to you. Screw up and they’ll shut down, and you will lose your lead.

Number 2: The Story

We get much more than Bigby the Big Bad Wolf trying to turn a new leaf. We get to see the slums of the Fabletown community, their second class citizens. We spend a lot of time with the lower class and get a taste of just how low our favorite Fables have sunk. Much like the comic, the story gets grisly and dirty. Violence, the war ranging on behind the scenes, and a government unable to provide for its citizens will affect the choices you make how much you’re willing to bend the law for characters.

Number 3: The Voice Acting

Can we get some gold stars for casting please? They deserve it! The voice actors were absolutely perfect for their parts. From Bigby’s smokey growl to Magic Mirror’s god-like boom, you’d be hard pressed to find a voice that didn’t match its character. After playing Wolf Among Us and reading the comics after, I couldn’t help but hear their voices in my head as they conversed. Definitely A+ voice acting!

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What game do you think deserves more love? Leave me a comment below!


15 thoughts on “VGC Day 4: What game deserves more love?

  1. Absolutely love Wolf Among Us. In fact, all the Telltale game series I’ve played so far are up there with some of the greatest, but the fact that WAU has such an interesting storyline really puts it top for me.

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  2. Hmm, think we have talked about Fables before, haven’t we? My friend played this and enjoyed it, and I am sorely tempted, so it is on my wishlist for later.
    For me, a game that deserves more love is Star Ruler, a 4x game that is light on graphics but loads of fun (blog coming at some point, already written and scheduled but it keeps getting pushed back due to time sensitive stuff happening)

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    1. We have! There should be a sequel coming out this year so hopefully you’ll see a drop in price for it and can snatch it up on sale.

      I’ve never heard of Star Ruler! Despite being a game artist, I tend to look over graphics in favor of stories or gameplay. Can’t wait to read about it on your blog!

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      1. There was going to be a video series but something went wrong with the recording and it wouldn’t capture the menus when they popped up, which is disappointing as I had loads of fun making it. Maybe will try again another time and demonstrate why I like it so much

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      2. Time isn’t really an issue, I can play it in the evening and record. I just need to figure out what went wrong, though a new computer is on my wishlist for this year with better graphics card . Maybe other recording methods need to be tried too

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