VGC Day 3: Who or what is your favorite character?


I might not be answering this one correctly because my answer consists of two people: Max and Chloe from Life is Strange. I haven’t finished this game in it’s entirety yet but I’m working on it. What I have played and experienced so far has me in love with Max and Chloe. I see pieces of myself in both of them, like two sides of the same coin.



We’re both geeky and introverted. She’s self-conscious about her photographer while I’m self-conscious about my artwork. People don’t always see her as herself, often thinking she’s self-absorbed. I dealt with the same issues in high school in my early twenties. She wants to do the “right thing,” but still screws up sometimes which is so me.



We’re both very stubborn and tend to be on the rebellious side (Chloe more so than I at this point in my life). Chloe and I love to be snarky and sarcastic, which is probably our own “armor” against trust issues we have. I admit that I am fairly pessimistic as well, much like Chloe. We both get attached too quickly to people.

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Who or what is your favorite character? Want to see a Saturday Suggestion post on Life is Strange? Tell me in the comments!

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