OwlCrate’s ‘Castles, Courts & Kingdoms’ via Cratejoy Review

This is the second month of my OwlCrate subscription, and it really blew me away with all the goodies inside. OwlCrate hooked me with ‘Find Me in the Forest’ and reeled me in with ‘Castles, Courts & Kingdoms.’ Let’s dig into this review of OwlCrate’s November box: ‘Castles, Courts & Kingdoms’!

Overview: OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that contains a newly published hardcover Young Adult book with a special cover, 3-5 other items, as well as exclusive goodies from publishers and authors. Each box also has a unique theme every month!

Review: I was so excited for this theme! I love medieval settings with strong women and a dash of romance. I couldn’t wait either to see what what Harry Potter item would be included this time! The box came two days after I got my tracking number, and I waited a few days to open it due to the holiday craziness. The wait was so worth it though!

The small postcard on top goes into detail about each item inside the box with a handy spoilers tag. I always set this aside first so I can dig in without spoiling any of the items. There is a booklet with an author interview, word search, suggested reads if you liked the book, an interview with Fizzy Fairy Apothecary, photo challenge, and next month’s theme! There is also a matching button to go with the booklet’s cover art.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…


The book in this month’s box was The Glass Spare by Lauren Destafano. After opening the book, I found an autographed bookplate and a note from the author!

Here’s the note from the author as well as some colorful temporary gem tattoos!

The beautiful, lined notebook is from Stella Bookish Art! “Don’t let the hard days win.” -A Court of Mist and Fury


This wooden brooch with magnet back from Juniper and Ivy Designs is based on the Grishaverse was specially made for OwlCrate subscribers! There’s 3 brooches total; which one did you get?


My favorite item in the box was this Expecto Patronum beanie from OwlCrate! I wear it every day. I also lovelovelove my lip balm in blackberry mint from Geek Fire Labs.


Last but certainly not least is this adorable Elven bread soap from Lord of the Rings by Fizzy Fairy Apothecary! You may have seen it on my instagram feed last night as the “soap which may not be used… only looked at and sniffed!” The smell is A-MA-ZING!

Bottom Line: Love Young Adult reads? Love bookish , handmade items from your favorite fandoms? You’ll love OwlCrate!

Geeky Gal’s Score: 5 out of 5 stars!

Would you like to see a video of next month’s OwlCrate unboxing? Leave me a comment if you prefer the blog style review or if you wanna see a Youtube unboxing! Or both?!

10 thoughts on “OwlCrate’s ‘Castles, Courts & Kingdoms’ via Cratejoy Review

  1. I have read about a few of these monthly crate things, and never really got into it (can’t afford it at the minute and I really don’t have the room). I do like the idea as it is kinda like christmas or birthday every month and if the over arching theme is your thing then great. Interesting post, I can’t say I will subscribe but I like the fact it exists

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    1. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, John. This is the first subscription box that I actually like and look forward to. I did LootCrate a few years ago and felt that it was a waste of money for me. I had zero intentions of renewing my 3 month subscription to OwlCrate but I just got my box for December and decided I’d renew it for another 3 months because I have really enjoyed all the items and books, not to mention all the shops and artists I’ve been introduced to. It’s definitely not something for everyone, though.

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      1. the only one I tried was something called “Hunt a Killer” which was supposed to be a monthly mystery solving one, as I wanted something I could do with my dad. But I was really disappointed as there is very little in the way of instructions in the first box, no evidence of a murder and not a lot of stuff to go on besides. I had a look online, and found that the first clues didn’t really start until box three and that is when I decided to cancel it

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      2. There’s no way I’d spend money on 3 boxes before getting to the”good stuff.” I tend to be a bit tight with my purse strings so I researched the crap out of OwlCrate before deciding to try out a 3 month subscription. I’m sorry “Hunt a Killer” didn’t work out. It sounds like it could have been really rad had it been contained to one box.

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      3. I agree. I tend to get a bit bored by crime dramas if they are too procedural, but I thought it would be a bit different. I should have researched it. In the event I look at another, I will.

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