Creating the Babe Cave AKA The Library [Inspiration]

After moving into a house with 3 bedrooms, I knew I immediately wanted to designate one of them as “mine.” I wanted a library and a room to get ready in. The master bedroom is small so there’s no way I could fit a vanity and both mine and hubby’s clothes in the tiny closet. So I came up with… The Library.

Also known as a babe cave, femme den, she shed, etc., The Library is being carefully curated on Pinterest. Right now my clothes are in the closet and my paintings and pictures are leaning against the walls. It’s a blank canvas… that I am not allowed to paint (per landlord) but don’t worry! I have some ideas…

The Book Cases





Book cases will take up one and half walls of The Library. I will adorn them with my book collection then carefully fill them with my fandom trinkets and treasures. I have a book list going of ‘to-read geeky novels’ that will help fill in the holes of my current collection.

The Chair





I can’t decide if I want an oversized arm chair with an ottoman or a boho chic papasan chair. Both offer loads of comfort and can definitely add whimsy to my room. Both will obviously have a million pillows and blankets for me to snuggle into. Guess we’ll see what I can find on sale first!

The Closet





With such small closets, I’d love to put some of my most worn pieces on display using book cases and hooks as well as be able to plan a week of outfits on the garment rack. I love how organized and pretty all of these look. IKEA may be the next stop on the list for these sleek furniture pieces.

The Vanity





Clean and organized, much like the closet, and white.  I love the muted colors of the last vanity with the splash of gold around the mirror. It could be worth it to get one from IKEA and paint it myself. I’m going to keep an eye out at estate sales too for quirky clean vanities.

If you could have a Babe Cave, what would you put in it? Tell me in the comments! Do you have a Babe Cave already? Link pictures of your room! I can’t wait to see/read your ideas for your own Babe Cave!


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