5 Fandom Friday: My 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

Stranger Things


80’s? Dungeons & Dragons? Sci-Fi? Horror? You have my attention. Stranger Things took Netflix by storm. Fans like myself are impatiently waiting for the second season set to premier on October 27, 2017. Get on the bandwagon and binge watch Stranger Things this weekend in preparation for this October.

Once Upon a Time


If you’re a fan of Disney movies or fairy tales, OUAT will be your new obsession. Some characters are true to themselves, some have been spun a different kind of tale, and some are new! Consider OUAT a new kind of fairy tale with your favorite heroes and characters.



One of my new favorite shows is iZombie. Meet Liv, a zombie living in the real world. She solves crimes by eating the victims brains. Yeah, it sounds weird, and I’m over simplifying it (kind of), but this show will satisfy those who enjoy a good mystery solving, comedic show who have already watched Psyche three times.

Grey’s Anatomy


So this a great example of me jumping on a band wagon. If you ask anyone what to watch next on Netflix, Grey’s Anatomy WILL come up. I don’t care for medical shows, over dramatized romance, or soap operas. Yet, I’ve watched every episode available on Netflix of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s much, much better than your grandmother’s soap opera. Trust me.

Better Call Saul


If you’re a huge fan of Breaking Bad, you need to introduce yourself to the spin-off Better Call Saul. It’s a bit of a prequel to Breaking Bad following our favorite lawyer. This show is easy to binge watch and leaves you wanting more with it’s quirky cast and familiar faces.

What shows do you love to binge watch? Tell me in the comments!

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