Month of Magic: Favorite Theories of the HP Universe

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JK has caused a few uproars with her “revelations” that border on canon and crazy. We still lover her and the wonderful HP universe that she has created though! Fans have their own theories too on JK’s HP universe. There’s always been a couple of things that never quite sat right with me that I’ll feature here in my favorite theories of the Harry Potter universe.

Hermione and Harry should have been together


Put down your pitchforks and torches. Even JK commented on this in an interview. In the books, I never imagined Harry with Ginny or Hermione with Ron until the last couple of books. Harry and Hermione fit together in my head. Take this tent scene for instance. It’s awkward, but there’s a hint of romance. It just made sense in the earlier books that they would end up together.

The Deathly Hallows mirror Snape’s, Voldemort’s, and Harry’s deaths


If you know the story of the Deathly Hallows, you know that Death tried to trick the brothers with gifts for outsmarting him. The first brother was given the Elder wand for power and died soon after from the enemies he made. The second brother was given the resurrection stone to bring back his deceased wife, who withers away; he commits suicide after losing his love. The third brother is given the invisibility cloak which he uses to hide from death until he is an old man then he greets death like an old friend.

The first brother is Voldemort. He died for power. The second brother is Snape, who died for his lost love, Lily. The third brother is Harry, who greeted death as an old friend. Now some are even speculating that Dumbledore is Death because of him greeting Harry in King’s Cross.

The Defense against the Dark Arts teaching position is cursed


This is an easy one. Each Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher has only ever lasted one year during Harry’s school career. Did Tom Riddle curse the position after being denied it? Is that why Dumbledore wouldn’t let Snape take over the position? Will we ever find out?!

Neville Was Never Bad At Magic


We know that the wand chooses the wizard but that wizards can use others’ wands; they just won’t perform at their best. Neville uses his father’s wand up until it’s broken after the battle at the Department of Mysteries. After getting his own wand, Neville vastly improves, even being compared to Hermione, who was the top student. He goes on to lead Dumbledore’s Army in Harry’s absence.

Do you have any favorite fan theories? Tell me in the comments!


Some of the artwork used is designed by Freepik

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