Month of Magic: Spells I Need in Real Life

In case you haven’t heard: the month of July is dedicated to Harry Potter on AGeekyGal! I’m kicking off the first post with four quotes to live by, straight from the series. If you would like to get in on the madness, go to this master post and follow the instructions. Feel free to use my banner above for your blog post!

I’ve watched Harry Potter so many times and have re-read the books so much. The main thing I wish I could pull from those pages would be the spells and charms. They could make life so much easier. I picked out  a few of my favorites that I would totally be using every day in the wizarding world.



A charm that causes a target at a distance from the caster to fly over to them. I would never have to look for my phone again. Or anything else for that matter.



A charm used to lift the caster high into the air or propel them to the surface should they be underwater at the time. Being 5′ 1″, this would be awesome to use every day. No more step stools, no more climbing cabinets… I could even reach inside the washing machine without almost falling in!

Crinus Muto


A Transfiguration spell that can be used to transform the color and style of the caster’s hair. I would never have to go to the hair stylist again. I could have a different hair color every day of the week. No straightener, no curling iron. Just an all natural, transfiguration spell. 😉



A healing spell that heals relatively minor injuries such as broken noses and split lips. Maybe not so much for myself as for those around me. It’d be awesome to pull out my wand and fix a little injury. A first aid kit right in the palm of my hand without having to wait for noses and  lips to heal.

Feather-Light Charm


A charm used to make heavy objects lighter in terms of weight. Remember my height I mentioned earlier? This is another spell I’d use all the time. Heavy bag? Charm it! Heavy laundry? Charm it! Heavy furniture? Charm it!

What spells and charms would you use in every day life in the wizarding world?


Some of the artwork used is designed by Freepik

3 thoughts on “Month of Magic: Spells I Need in Real Life

  1. This is an awesome article with great pictures too match. I think I would like the transformation spell. I just dyed my hair black. The spell would save money, time and the cleanup after. Thanks.

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