5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Brunch With

Special thanks to Darling Stewie for this topic via her 5 Fandom Friday DLC (Stewie Pack)! She has inspired me to think up my own DLC for A Nerdy Girlie’s original idea of the 5 Fandom Friday topics! Without further ado, meet the 5 characters I would love to brunch with!

Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls


From their witty banter to their love of coffee, the Gilmore girls really are the best people to invite to a brunch. I don’t think I’d get a word in but I’m okay with that. It’d be fun to eat and listen to these two. It’d be like being in my own episode of Gilmore Girls, eating inside of Luke’s.



Sherlock is such an interesting person. It’d be amazing to hear his cases straight from his mouth (even though Watson’s blog is probably pretty awesome). He may not find me as fascinating as I find him, but it’d be a brunch to remember.

Donna Noble from Doctor Who


Donna is one of my all time favorite companions to the Doctor. She’s strong and sassy. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone. I feel like we’d be really good friends. Our sass would match, and our brunch would be full of laughter and good conversation.

Belle from Beauty & the Beast


Belle is definitely one of my favorite Disney princesses. We could spend our brunch discussing books and our favorite authors. I could ask her for recommendations on what I should read next. She’s also super down to earth so I know we could connect on other levels too between cups of tea.

Padme Amidala from Star Wars


One of my all time favorite characters is Padme. She’s a bad ass, smart, and strong. I really love how she’s so young and in such a high position of leadership. I feel like a brunch would just make us become fast friends. I identify with her on so many levels and it’d be amazing to meet a character I respect so much. Plus she’d probably think it’s hilarious that my dog is named after her.

What fictional character would you like to have brunch with? Tell me in the comments!

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