Spoilers! the Geek’s Inspirations

You can probably take a quick glace at my blog and see what inspires most of my posts: games, cosplay, fashion, and anime, but what do I draw inspiration from when I sit down to actually write out these blog posts? What do I think about? How do I shape my writing? How do I organize my thoughts?


Blog Sched

I enjoy making lists. I’d probably love having a bullet journal if I could spare the time. I make lists for groceries, to do’s, budgets, schedules, blog posts, gifts, projects, wedding expenses, goals, weight loss rewards, etc. I can go on all day! It helps me organize myself and carefully think through each bulleted item.



Motivation, body positive, movies, shows, celebrities, writers: I love all kinds of quotes. Especially when they strike a cord with me or make me feel something. If they really affect me, I write a blog post about whatever it made me think or realize. A lot of my personal blog posts have come out that way.



I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to anything at all. When I had long commutes I quickly got tired of the radio and started making my own playlists with Amazon Prime Music. You have music at your fingertips and can find just about anything to fit your mood. I don’t often to listen to music while writing anymore, but I’m still inspired by music and lyrics.

Audio Books


Speaking of long commutes, I spent many days listening to Harry Potter. It was comforting and made the drive go by faster. I still find myself reaching for my phone to listen to books when I can’t stand to listen to another song. It definitely helps me with my writing, and it helps my mood.

Bubble Bath


Is anyone else obsessed with bath bombs? No? Just me? If you haven’t tried one you really should. I love LUSH’s bath bombs. I always feel like I’m treating myself when I take a bubble bath. It instantly boosts my mood and melts my stress away. I can lay in the tub and just breathe and go over my day, or not go over my day and write up drafts for blog posts. The choice is mine.


Some of the artwork used is designed by Freepik

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