5FF: My Comfort Films

I’ve been sick lately: first a cold, then the flu. I had to take 3 days off of work because I was contagious. I made myself lots of soup and laid on the couch with Padme. I was pretty miserable but watching my comfort films helped a lot! Here’s my top 5 list of favorite comfort films!



If you haven’t seen Balto, we can’t be friends. I watch this movie for the heartwarming story and the nostalgia of my childhood. My mom can tell you I watched this 243,830,946 times. She thought she was being hilarious when she bought me the DVD a few years ago…

Harry Potter


Can’t have this list without Harry Potter. I’ve seen the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s for my UK readers) Stone so many times I can repeat it word for word. Not only are they my favorite books, but the movies are great too!



I know what you’re thinking: why all the kids movies? Because they’re funny, feel-good, and usually bring a tear to my eye. I find all of these things in Zootopia which I like to watch on a boring Friday night while The Boyfriend Fiance is at work.

Shaun of the Dead


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are basically my favorite movie duo. I love all of their movies, especially Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz with their parallels of hilarity. I dare you to watch those back to back!

Monster in Paris


So I love when movies incorporate singing (LOVELOVELOVE musicals). Monster in Paris has hands down the best song I’ve ever heard in an animated movie. Plus, the story has those feel-good feels I mentioned earlier. One of my all time favorites!

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