MCFT: Wedding Center Pieces

As I plan my wedding, I’ve had a hard time finding centerpieces I like that will match the warehouse venue I’ve chosen as well as the color pallet I’ve picked. Here’s a few of my favorites I’ve found via Pinterest. You can follow me here!

Gold & Copper Spray-Painted Tin Cans

Collect different size tin cans, clean them up, and spray paint away! A simple and cheap DIY for you budget brides.

Milk Bottles

I fell in LOVE with these milk bottles from IKEA and can’t wait to incorporate them into the centerpieces! They’re inexpensive and don’t need anything but a few flowers or a candle to complete them.


I also saw these amazing lanterns in various sizes and colors in IKEA. You can group them to create a lovely centerpiece, add one with other varying objects, or have it stand alone with flowers or a candle lit inside of it.

Brass & Gold Candlesticks

I would recommend buying these from Dollar Tree and spraying them your desired color. Brass and gold candlesticks can be expensive. If you are able to find these at an antique shop for a decent price, snatch them up!

Branches in Hurricane Vases

You can get these vases for cheap at Dollar Tree and pick up branches in your yard! Easy-peasy for a DIY Bride. Spice them up with candles or flowers or spray paint stripes on them using tape and spray paint.



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