5FF: My OTP’s

Ten2 & Rose


By far, my favorite one true pairing. If you watch Doctor Who, you know exactly who Ten2 (TenToo) is. I snot-cried through that episode and the last episodes with Rose as the Doctor’s companion. Art courtesy of trustahope.

Hook & Swan



While I do love me some Snow & Charming and their timeless love, Hook’s love for Emma and how fragile she is really hits home for me. It’s real and raw. I see much of myself in Hook and Emma.

Kirito & Asuna



Asuna and Kirito were the first couple-cosplay my boyfriend and I have completed together. I love SAO as a whole, but Asuna and Kirito’s love is the icing on the cake.

Queenie & Jacob



Jacob was hands-down the best part of Fantastic Beasts. Queenie was my favorite character but Jacob… Oh Jacob was in the very spot every Harry Potter fan wished they could be in. It was sweet to see their romance blossom, but I won’t post any spoilers.

Flynn & Rapunzel



Favorite Disney couple? Flynn and Punzy. Rapunzel is awesome and much like myself while Flynn reminds me a lot of my boyfriend. Future couple-cosplay? YES!

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