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Geek Gift Guide: Sherlock Edition

I believe in Sherlock Holmes… and Santa Claus.

Sherlock: The Mind Palace Adult Coloring Book

Sherlock: The Mind Palace Adult Coloring BookYou knew this coloring book would be on here… $12.99


High Functioning Sociopath Brooch

High Functioning Sociopath BroochEngraved wooden brooch perfect to hang on your gift recipient’s long blue scarf or black trench coat. $10.42


221B Door Journal

221B Door JournalIf your Sherlocked fan likes to journal, this book will inspire them. $15.51


‘I Believe In Sherlock Holmes’ Tote Bag

'I Believe In Sherlock Holmes' Tote BagFor just $25.00, the Sherlockian on your Christmas list can have this large tote bag; perfect for books and shopping!


‘Get Out! I Need To Go To My Mind Palace!’ Mug

'Get Out! I Need To Go To My Mind Palace!' MugThe perfect MoriarTEA-drinking mug for any Holmie. $19.00


‘In Sherlock We Trust’ Blanket

In Sherlock We Trust blanket“I’m in shock. Look, I’ve got a blanket!” $49.99


‘I Don’t Shave’ Pouch

'I Don't Shave' PouchA small pouch that your Holmie can use for makeup, accessories, or organization! $9.00

Sherlock Pendant

Sherlock pendantIf your Sherlockian is a particular fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you have to get them this pendant! $20.00


Sherlock Quote Poster

Sherlock Quote PosterMinimalist typography is all the rage right now. Get with the crowd and purchase this poster for the Sherlock fan on your Christmas list!


Sherlock’s Study Candle

Sherlock's Study CandleI’ve always wondered what my favorite fandoms smell like… Sherlock’s Study smells like Pipe Tabacco, Cherrywood, and Fresh Rain. $18.00

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