Geek Gift Guide: Sherlock Edition

I believe in Sherlock Holmes… and Santa Claus.

Sherlock: The Mind Palace Adult Coloring Book


You knew this coloring book would be on here… $12.99

221B Door Journal


If your Sherlocked fan likes to journal, this book will inspire them. $15.51

‘I Believe In Sherlock Holmes’ Tote Bag


For just $25.00, the Sherlockian on your Christmas list can have this large tote bag; perfect for books and shopping!

‘Get Out! I Need To Go To My Mind Palace!’ Mug


The perfect MoriarTEA-drinking mug for any Holmie. $19.00

‘In Sherlock We Trust’ Blanket


“I’m in shock. Look, I’ve got a blanket!” $49.99

‘I Don’t Shave’ Pouch


A small pouch that your Holmie can use for makeup, accessories, or organization! $9.00


Sherlock’s Study Candle


I’ve always wondered what my favorite fandoms smell like… Sherlock’s Study smells like Pipe Tabacco, Cherrywood, and Fresh Rain. $18.00


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