Saturday Suggestion – Game: The Wolf Among Us


Telltale has brought another comic to life with The Wolf Among Us, and it is a must-play game. Put this on your list if you haven’t already. (Disclaimer: I have not read the comics, Fables; this review is based solely on the game itself. You do not have to read the comics to play and enjoy this game.)

If you’re down with the dark and gritty version of your favorite fairy tales, this game is up your alley. Characters from Snow White, to Grendel, to even Ichabod Crane are all together in a town hidden right under our “mundy” noses. Take up your place as Bigby Wolf, and be the Sheriff that Fabletown needs in this tense and investigative game.

Brief intro: Our story takes places in the 1980’s in New York in the hidden Fabletown. There’s been a murder among the Fables. Deputy Mayor Ichabod Crane sends Bigby to investigate. As you investigate, you uncover the lies, shady dealings, and hard choices that fables have had to make. Who is guilty? Who do you incriminate? Who can you trust?

Unfortunately for you, everyone hates the Big Bad Wolf. Not only are you the Sheriff of Fabletown, but you’re constantly struggling to play good cop/bad cop to get answers. Earning the trust of the fables will give you the answers you seek and determine how the game plays out.

Review: I just finished this game and my mind has been blown. The story-telling alone makes this noir game a masterpiece. You play through 5 atmospheric episodes. The gameplay is relatively smooth, but has long wait times between loading screens. This can easily be forgiven though as you simply just want to know what happens next.

This game is Point & Click with Quick Time Events. Some people hate this. Some people love it. It in no way deters from the game. If anything, it made me feel more like a detective as I tried to uncover the truth. You’re forced to make decisions quickly. Each choice has a consequence: good or bad or a bit of both. There’s times when you have to choose which location to investigate first; going to Location #1 first will be different than if you had chosen to go to Location #2. You truly have to play as a detective and read character’s expressions to see if they’re lying or being truthful.

Be the Big Bad Wolf and solve problems with fear and your fists or help Bigby become more liked and respected among the Fables to find the murderer.

Official Rating: M

Genre(s): Action Adventure

Score: 5 out of 5 stars!


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