Spoilers! I’m hungry, but I already brushed my teeth.


4/8/15 – I’m super pleased with today’s tightening session! My bottom tooth finally went on the wire! The orthodontist decided to skip the lacings this session on the bottom. I’m happy about that, mostly because I hope this means my bottom teeth won’t be sore for the next 3 weeks.

As for the top, I got a new coil to make space for my front tooth to come forward (finally). The top also has laces but I expected that as the gaps from where my teeth were pulled haven’t closed up much space. The bottom has closed up quite a bit compared to the top but all four spaces have quite a ways to go before the spaces are closed up and natural looking.

The assistant didn’t use new wires this go around, though I wish she had. I had to come in and get the ends snipped off because they were jabbing me in the cheeks. Now they have no room to be bent back against my teeth. I have a feeling I’ll be back before the three week appointment to get this fixed again. As the teeth move, the wire slowly jabs into the sides of my cheek.

This process is not fun in the least, but I can’t argue with the results.



4/18/15 – My teeth were only sore for a few days after the tightening and it wasn’t unbearable this time. My next tightening is on the 29th and I’m hoping that they’ll use the rubber string to tie my front tooth to the coil. I’ve notice a little movement, mostly from the incisor next to my crooked front tooth. Virtually, I’ve seen no movement from my other front tooth. My bottom teeth are also starting to even out which is very exciting. Maybe it will only take a year with the braces to have my dream of straight teeth.

On a side note: I’ve been beyond stressed out the last few weeks and have woken myself up clenching my teeth. I talked to the dental assistant about this and she said it’s from stress and there is nothing they can do about it. Do you guys have any tips on clenching/grinding your teeth with braces?


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