Spoilers! Look at All This Good Food I Can’t Eat!


3/4/15 – So after my third tightening session, I have decided I absolutely loathe going to the orthodontist. I thought it would get better. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

First, the very nice dental assistant took out the “lacings.” These little wires (4 of them) are laced around the teeth that need to close the 4 gaping holes in my mouth from the teeth that were pulled. Sounds fun right? I noticed the holes very slowly starting to close already. Apparently this was not fast enough.

Second, I knew that my top front tooth, the one that has been my main pain and the hell of an eye-sore, was not going to get put on the wire this go around. There wasn’t enough room for it to come forward even though the lacings were doing their thing.

Third, my bottom teeth were really tender after the coil and were tender today again so I was hoping to say goodbye to the coil and hello to a new bracket and wire on the bottom. I was half right.

And so I sat back in the chair, let her take out my lacings only to have 4 more put back in and tightened so much the wires screamed. I wanted to scream with them. Then the very, very nice assistant smiled and said “I bet you can feel that, huh?” I wanted to slap her pretty face. I knew she was being polite and nice and just doing her job but my gums and teeth are unforgiving so I just said “Yes, I feel it.” when I really wanted to yank her hair.

My bottom tooth has been revealed (hallelujah!) and got a shiny new bracket on it. Sadly the coil has to stay on and help close up the holes so a rubber string was tied to the bracket and coil. Better than nothing at least right?

I know these people know what their doing, I just wish it was going faster. It’s only the third tightening though so I can’t really complain can I?

I will complain about the horrible pain my mouth is in and how I can’t eat again.


3/14/15 – Quick update! Wow, my bottom teeth have been really active lately, moving and being a pain but it’s looking great! Also, I now have one sensitive tooth. On the top. My right canine. Cold water feels like the arctic has snatched that tooth out. And hot tea feels like Satan has tied a string to my tooth and his ankle and is river-dancing. Fun stuff.

One cool thing though is that bottom tooth popped to the front awfully fast (overnight actually). I really hope they start evening out. Right now there is a curve going on with my bottom teeth. And maybe in April there might possibly be enough room for that top tooth to come onto the wire!

Photo on 3-14-15 at 4.49 PM #3


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