Brush you must!

2/4/15 – This is my second tightening session. After my first round, eating anything solid for two weeks was a no-no. My gums were so sore and I couldn’t touch my teeth together without the raging pain of feeling like a million teeth were being broken inside my mouth. I was on a liquid diet for two weeks, which I’ll go over in another post. Today I went in knowing exactly what was going to happen. I had already taken my Tylenol 30 minutes before hand and the nervousness I had felt at the last appointment was gone.

They removed the old wires and put in new ones that are suppose to be “stronger.” (I have no idea what the difference is.) I also got a cool coil that is suppose to help move my teeth along the bottom to make room for a bracket-less tooth. Needless to say I am super excited to see if my teeth move more this month.

The pain hasn’t set in yet so I can’t tell if this feels any worse/better than the first time around. I’m not taking any chances though. I’ve made myself some soft food to hold me over for the week, bought soups and pastas, and have been popping my Tylenol as directed.

Other than the pain of tightening, the only other thing that has bothering me has been the wires that are not being attached to teeth (like the spaces that need to the closed up and the two teeth – top front tooth and bottom overcrowded tooth) have been extremely annoying. I’ve ripped open my mouth repeatedly and now have scar tissue built up on my bottom lip (which at first felt like an awful blister). If you look closely at where the coil is in the second picture, you can see the tissue build-up on my bottom lip. Luckily the coil is providing some comfort for the moment against this tissue. We’ll see how long that lasts.

On another note, I’ve been wondering how in the hell does anyone with braces go without brushing after every meal? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in social situations where I couldn’t brush my teeth until some time later after eating but you can bet your ass that I swish water around in my mouth until I can get my hands on a toothbrush. I brush at least 3 times a day. After every time something goes in my mouth, I brush my teeth. In my purse is a small bag with two tooth brushes (one electric, one traditional), superfloss, tooth paste, and dental wax.

If you’ve got these horrible things in your mouth, at least take care of your future straight teeth. Besides, no one wants to see that gross piece of spinach shredded between your wires.

2/7/15 – So on this beautiful Saturday, I decided I’d do a little update on the newly tightened braces. The coil is definitely doing its thing. I can feel the spaces on the bottom (where teeth were pulled) closing up. Also, the pain has definitely been better this go around. I’ve been sticking to softer foods but I enjoyed conecuh sausage last night with red beans and rice (yummy!) with no problems at all! If every tightening is like this now, I think I can live with it. Only 16 more tightenings to go (hopefully).

The next tightening is scheduled for March 4th but between now and then I will be posting some (healthy) braces friendly recipes I’ve been trying, some tips for braces, and some original Geeky Gal stuff! I got a new game from my awesome boyfriend for Christmas by Quantic Dream (dream job right there!) and I cannot wait to write you guys a review! I’m in love with their work! Be on the look out for TWO reviews for two of my favorite games by this awesome company.

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